Sunday, October 7, 2012

Credibility and Common Sense

October isn't over yet, but at this juncture it appears that the "October Surprise" is the massive drop in the unemployment statistics to 1/10th of a percentage below the level when Obama took office.  The timing of this report of course was just after Obama's drubbing at the hands of Mitt Romney during the debate.

I have written many times about the reaction (human nature) of those around us, who we trust and love, caught in a lie and what we do as human beings in reaction to this discovery of trust breached.

If you found your spouse has lied to you or a family member or a best friend what is your human reaction to the lost of profound trust built upon mutual respect?

You shun them.  You do not embrace them as Democrats did when Bill Clinton told the American public "I did not have sex with that woman"!

Going into the debates we have example upon example where Obama has outright lied to us, deceived us and diverted our attention intentionally like we are stupid, unruly children.  So when the MSM came out the day after the day after and started the "Romney lied so many times that Obama just couldn't keep up with them" meme to explain his drubbing just ask yourself the question:  "Do I trust Obama's words"?

For the matter, do I trust the MSM's words?

So, moving forward to the interview that Chris Mathew's had with Jack Welch (former GE CEO) about his comments that the unemployment books were cooked goes to the heart of this.  Welch admits that he had no proof they were it is just that he doesn't TRUST their veracity and gives many qualified anecdotal evidence, least of which is trust.

Here is the highlight of the exchange:

“We had 600,000 government jobs added in the last two months. We had 873,00 jobs by a household survey — which is a total estimate — from 50,000 phone calls. Of those, 600,000 were temporary workers. Chris, these numbers are all a series of assumptions. Tons of assumptions. And it just seems somewhat coincidental that the month before the election, the numbers go one-tenth of a point below where the president started. Although, I don’t see anything in the economy that says these surges are true.”

873,000 jobs reported from 50,000 phone calls in the survey?

That would mean that out of those 50,000 households, each and every call would have had the respondent answering that 17 1/2 members in their family or friends would have found a job since the last reporting cycle.  17 1/2!!

Now, ask yourself or ask anyone or everyone you know or can meet if they have found work since last month.

Coincidence, or lie?

Mathew's wasn't done trying to get Welch to walk back his assertion:

“It’s not funny, Jack…You’re talking about the President of the United States playing with the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ numbers. This is Nixon stuff. This is what Nixon said back in the old days,” Matthews said.

“Chris, don’t lose it now,” Welch said.

“I’m not losing it. Look at my face. I’m not losing it,” Matthews said.

“Jack, do you want to take back the charge that there was corruption here,” Matthews asked again, getting the same answer.

“You don’t think it’s coincidental that we’ve got the biggest surge since 1983 in the jobs surge? Come on, Chris,” Welch said, refusing to back down. “It’s a six percent improvement in employment in two months…The numbers don’t jibe.”

He continued: “These numbers defy logic. They defy logic. We do not have a 4 to 5 percent booming economy with 873,000 people added. I mean, stop it, Chris. On the face of it, we don’t have this GDP. I love you, but you can’t get there.”

Well, maybe Welch lied at least once when he said he loved Chris Mathews.

"Mene mene tekel upharsin" -- Daniel 5:25

This is the interpretation of each word.

MENE: God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it;

TEKEL: You have been weighed in the balances, and

found wanting;

PERES: Your kingdom has been divided, and given to

the Medes and Persians.

Now, we must ask ourselves a common and logical question:

Is Jack Welch credible and is his question about the employment statistics being dubious possible?

Has Jack Welch done anything to give the viewers a reason to distrust him?  Is Jack Welch a job creator and eminently qualified to make even a slim assertion to the "books being cooked"? 

The answers, in order, are -- YES, YES, NO and YES resoundingly.

Jack Welch knows business and his reputation is solid whereas Obama's, Mathew's and their fellow travellers are NOT.

Jack Welch, in his long and successful business career created more jobs than Obama could ever hope to, but again is Obama hoping to create a single job?  Is it more plausible that Obama, who professed to work so diligently until every American has the job they want and need, to never rest, really want all of us subservient to the State, on welfare, on the dole?

This is why Obama looked so feckless during the debates.  Romney hit him, again and again, on his record where up until that point the Mathew's of the world created an alternate universe where Obama was godlike in spite of his failures.  Obama looked like someone who was being lectured after caught lying.  He looked guilty as Romney charged.  He looked petulant and angry that he could not control the message that was being beamed to 58 million Americans.

Finally, one last question -- as in any crime or lie, who stands the most to gain from it?

Obama does of course and the "coincidental timing" of the biggest decline in unemployment since the 1960's is just as Welch proclaimed -- too much to believe....

I think I will let my trust, my belief, my human instinct side with Welch and by extension Romney.  There is only one thing left to do and that is to banish the liars from our lives as we would do with someone close to us have done at one time or another in our individual lives.  A spouse that lies to another usually ends in divorce, so we much divorce these cretins from ever lying to us again.  Once and for all....What say you?


  1. Pretty good write up, though I'm not ready to pass judgement on the BLS numbers without any sort of evidence.

    I can relate to the credibility angle, though in a different way than you presented. The GOP maintains a posture of limited government and individual liberty, but has a track record of failing to deliver on both. So while Obama has been an abject failure at 1600 Penn......his opposition should find themselves in divorce court alongside him.

  2. I normally do not comment on comments out of respect for the opinion of the commenter so as to not be argumentative or to try to sell my point. But every now and then I break with tradition when the mood strikes and your comment CI struck that chord.

    First thanks for the nice words. The reason for my comment is to agree, sort of, to what you attest. The GOP is guilty in it's failure to deliver on limited government and individual liberty for quite some time now. This is why I am not a Republican nor a member of the GOP because I frankly do not see the difference between the two parties with the notable exception of the 2010 mid term newcomers. Since they are newcomers the establishment GOP has acted in every dispicable fashion to silence them and to mitigate any of their goals but have not been able to do so completely. The GOP rode the wave of the tea party sucess while not changing their stripes. It will take a few elections to purge this scourge from the ranks and the GOP/Republicans can then take back the "conservative" mantle with trust of the constituency. I am a conservative with the R. Thanks for your comment, I always enjoy your input.

  3. I appreciate that you broke tradition, and enjoyed reading your response. Where we may diverge from an otherwise similar position is that I don't trust the GOP to return to it's conservative roots, or trust that they might do so without an even further shift towards religious fundamentalist influence.

    My personal evolution from Republican to Libertarian included continuing to vote for the GOP candidate in most national races until 2004. And while I welcomed the emergence of the tea party as a possible antidote to entitlement and dependence run amok, but was disappointed shortly after by their seemingly singular focus on the left. I understand that in politics, one usually has to go along to get ahead, the paradigm will never change with the current model.

    Of course, I also recognize that I'm exceedingly cynical about the political process, sensing a noticeable decline in intellectualism over the last decade. Pundits and partisans seem more concerned with debating personality and demagoguery than they do the merits of an issue. Our media abets this by presenting information and coverage in the framework that every issues has two competing narratives that deserve equal merit, regardless of facts; and the same media treats the two major parties as if they each represented an diametrically oppositional ideology.

    Thank you for letting me vent. I hadn't found your blog until seeing you on Theresa's, but have been trying to read through many past posts as I lounge around today.

    1. I don't believe the GOP ever had a conservative member in modern history - 150 years?

      Ronald Reagan was an outlier. The GOP would have spit him out had they known what he was about to do. Tea Party - at least until they prove themselves one way of the other. Failing that - Us.

  4. Talk about "Cooing the Books"
    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only two times, since 1960, has the unemployment dropped by 0.5 percentage points in a two month span.
    The first time this happened was in 1984 under President Ronald Reagan
    The only other time (in over 50 years, again) is occurring right now under President Obama (Aug & Sept, 2012). When the rate went from 8.3 to 7.8,
    Think about that again. In over 50 years, starting with President John F. Kennedy, only twice has the unemployment rate dropped by 0.5 percentage points within a 2-month span. But then again we are dealing with Barack Obama the Messiah, so anything can happen...
    So we are to believe that one of those times is happening right now - under a president with the worst jobs record in history, one month before the most important election of our time – all with a backdrop of anemic GDP and job creation. Oh, and when Obama conveniently needed to get to 7.8% to "break even." And exactly one month before the election and 2 days after he got his Ass Whipped by his opponent.
    This is really getting ridiculous. We have a dope in the while house who takes us for total morons, just because he is used to be dealing with the morons, idiots in his administration.
    Wake up you progressive fools, the numbers just do not add up.
    There is no rational for a .3% drop when the new jobs are nearly the same as last month! But suddenly out of the blue, the single largest monthly gain in almost 50 years takes place? Can you imagine the media outrage if GWB used those numbers? This country is in real trouble when the government openly lies to its citizens. I for one just can not believe my own government any more. And that’s pretty dam sad.

  5. Kid, there are plenty of conservatives in the Senate and House in recent history. Barry Goldwater for one. Jim DeMint. Allen West. I could name more if I could remember off the top of my old brain, but will stop here. You get my point.

    I know that you, me and alot of true conservatives (not GOP or "R") are a little weary of the RINO crap we have been stepping in for quite some time. But, ever the optimist, they too will be weeded out, thrown out, voted out, etc., etc., and of course etc.