Saturday, October 15, 2011

Decontructing & Re-constructing of America

The political establishment has been exposed!  The 2 party system has had a long and damaging run that has brought America to the brink of extinction.  For instance, the view of most American's share is that there is virtually indistinguishable actions between Democrats and Republicans.  A good example of this is the "amnesty" talk for the 20+ million illegal aliens (lets not call them immigrants) already here.  It is arguable that the polical ideologies from both sides of the isle appear to be polar opposites but both have worked hard to make it (amnesty) a reality.  The Democrats see a 20+ million voting block to exploit while the Republicans see a new glut of chep labor for big business.  The only thing that has prevented illegals from becoming legal through means other than "legal immigration mechanisms" is the American publics outcry.  George Bush (Jr) tried to implement the amnesty and was beaten back down by an overwhelming negative public response opposing it.  John McCain was for it (amnesty) until he was against it in the 2008 Presidential elections.  Why do you think he "flopped" on the issue?  He knew that voters would punish him for it.

In the 2000 GOP primaries it was Bush vs. McCain -- Bush got the GOP nod.  Then in 2008, the GOP force fed "Republicans" us McCain (the preselected heir apparent for the GOP).  The GOP has groomed their center-left candidates for a conservative country for quite some time.  The 2 party political system has been rigged for quite some time and the result, at least since 1901 has created political and political familial dynasties that have done nothing be erode our American Civil Liberties and the Constitution ever since.  The slow and steady, methodical and deliberate shift leftward has continued -- until recently.

Starting with Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive Party), Uncle to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, had 8 years (1901-1909) in the White House.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt had 12+ years (1933-1945) in the White House where a major shift left really solidified.  Franklin Roosevelt had political support from the father of another familial dynasty in the making with Joseph Kennedy.  John F. Kennedy as you know was assassinated and we can speculate that if that event did not occur, he would have gone on to a second term in office with his brother Bobby waiting in the wings.  As such, the assassination occurred and Bobby had to step up sooner but before he could be annointed, he too was gunned down.  This left the Kennedy clan with Ted and we know now why he did not rise to be annointed -- Chappaquiddick!  His chances died along with Mary Jo Kopechne!

In the 1990's we were introduced to another dynasty in the Clintons who's history is still being written as long as Hillary is in politics and a strong contender for the White House.

Finally -- The Bush family.  Both Bush (Sr) and Bush (Jr) have had 12 years in the White House with Jeb Bush possibly in the wings.

The people know, they feel that something almost out of their control is happening and are now rising to stop it.  Thus, the "Tea Party" movement was born.

I would like to share a passage that I read from the novel penned by Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, where the storyline arrived at a place when those who seized power and systematically plundered America's wealth from it's businesses, eerily similar to what is happening today in real life from those in power -- bringing about anarchy through attrition when there is nothing left to plunder.  One of the early proponents in the novel responsible for ushering in the dogma "from each according to his ability to each according to his needs" was arguing that the resulting imminent collapse wasn't his fault, he said --
"What's reason to them?  you don't know how deadly they are!  You don't understand them!  They don't think!  They're mindless animals moved by irrational feelings -- by their greedy, grasping, blind, unaccountable feelings!  They seize whatever they want, thats all they know:  That they want it, regardless of cause, effect or logic -- they want it, the bloody grubbing pigs!  Our weapons are so helplessly, laughably childish:  Truth, knowledge, reason, values, rights!  Force is all they know, force, fraud and plunder!""

That passage wasn't describing "evil business" -- it was describing exacly what the Progressives, and yes Republicans who are attempting to usher in "wealth redistribution" through theft, power and erosion of our rights.  Who would have imagined that the Supreme Court would have allowed the "KELO" decision to become law of the land whereas, at the end of a gun barrel (the force of our laws) a corporation could seize an individuals private property for the gain of the State and this corporation?

This election cycle is no different that the 2000 Bush/McCain annointment.  In 2008 when McCain was foisted upon us his rival in the primaries was Romney and the GOP again, mistakenly, is doing the most within their arsenal to ensure they heir apparent is foisted on us -- problem is, we don't want Romney.

The GOP reaped the windfall of the 2010 mid-terms through the tea party anger.  The GOP ridiculed and ignored this grassroots, yet they benefitted from it.  The GOP continued to try to miminize or marginalize the incoming tea party freshmen by first ordering them to get in "the Party line" then by threats.  The freshmen stood their ground and as such have stopped some further damaging legislation from moving forward.

Make no mistake about it, the tea party is not through as I believe the 2012 elctions (House, Senate & White House) will throw these interlopers of overthrow into the dust bin of history.  The "Deconstructing" began with the tea party, with the proof of the election results since their inception and will begin "Re-Constructing" after the political houses have been cleaned and sanitized from those who do not believe as Ronald Reagan did when he saw America as that "shining city on the hill".

God Bless America -- the world is about to see how she will throw the yokes of oppression of her in spite of the overwhelming odds against her.

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