Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gay Judge, Gay Town and Gay results!

Californians must really be getting pissed off by now that once again the electorate has voted down gay marriage only to have elected bureaucrats and activist judges overturn the will of the people.

When the case wound it’s way to this particular judge (notice I use a small “j”) it was noted that he was himself “gay” and his courtroom in San Francisco. I know, I know I am using a lot of generalities here, but come-on now I think I can recognize conflict of interest when I see it. Those on the left bleated that his being gay had nothing to do with it.

So a single gay judge who presides over legal cases held in San Francisco is not biased – “poppy-cock”!

Either way this case was decided it is destined to be heard by the US Supreme Court anyway, but the more that these elites defy the will of the land the angrier we get. I can only assume that NAMBLA, Code Pink and Barney Frank are celebrating tonight over at Gavin Newsome’s digs.

Here’s to hoping it is a short celebration because in the end it will be a massive group of "one man-one woman" getting their wishes in the end -- saving traditional marraige.

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  1. This is the SECOND time that California voted a Constitutional Amendment banning homosexual marriage.

    And it's still not law.

    Yes, it's irritating.