Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's not just New Yorks decision anymore -- 9/11 saw to that!

The overty PC New York Leadership from the lowly mayor to the highest Senator have decided for the rest of America in sending the most egregious appeasement message of all.  In approving the Mosque in NY City within shouting distance of those who jumped to their deaths from the highest floors of those two buildings, the elites have defiled the memory of the innocents.  It's not just a matter of religious freedom because there are numerous Mosques in the city.  The proof lies in the pudding because almost 10 years after the most horrific terror attack on US soil there is still no building or memorial standing where the towers once stood.  Yet, the Islamic world can get past all the red tape of NY City Government and erect a building in record time, if given the chance.

When you view the video below, it is meant to shock you back into reality and hopefully you will find your voice to object in the strongest terms, this travesty.

God Bless those who died that day:

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