Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ground Control to Major Tom

On state run TV in the socialist country of America this morning David Axelrod actually said that "Mitt Romney is living on a different planet" when referring to Romney's attack on Obama's comment that the private sector is doing just "fine".

Hmmmm, where to begin.  Let us begin with Obama's comment in the first place and just exactly what planet he himself is located?

Just like Seifeld episode of "the bubble boy", progressives had their collective bubbles burst in Wisconsin and the tantrum throwing thugs received a good dose of just what planet they are residing.  This collective mindset the progressives have been living in doesn't quite square with reality.  Eric Holder's comment under oath during the week is just another example when he said "the emails detailing fast and furious in the administration were not actually referring to the "fast and furious" program?

Is there anyone that actually lives on this planet believe that Eric Holder will investigate with any objectivity the "leaks" of classified information that have been occurring in this administration?  The Dept. of Justice is an arm of the Executive Branch and anything other than a special prosecutor will result in a whitewashing of the truth just as Obama's white house council Greg Craig's investigation of the Obama teams contact with Gov. Blagojevich to influence Obama's vacant senate seat.

Just as men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, progressives too are living on a different plane of reality.


  1. Commencing countdown engines on... Just sticking with your "Space Odity" theme... The countdown is to NOvember when we'll all say unanimously NO to this administration...

  2. Just a little perspective that "Watergate" is probably 0.00000000001 % as important, criminal, corrupt, or disgusting as the events that have transpired under this administration. Personally, I would consider watergate on the same plane as a college prank.

    Yet, ole bobby woodward is like a God to these liberal heathens. ;-) Good Lord.