Monday, June 25, 2012

Murder in the First Degree?

The Fast and Furious scandal has too many unanswered questions surrounding it and Congressional overseerers have been attempting to get the answers.  The main stream media has done their very best to ignore the murder of border Agent Terry and now that the issue has risen to the level of the White House when they blanketed Eric Holder in "Executive Priveledge".  The regular empty suits have changed tactics to spin "race" into the subject because Barack Obama and Eric Holder are, um, black.  They are also echoing "political posturing" by the Republicans in an election year in order to taint the administration.

The issue of race and politics have no basis other than the fact that the two main players are Black and Democrat aligned.  The only fact that stands at the heart and center of this trajedy is plain and simple --- murder of a Federal Law Enforcement officer.

This fact alone should send shockwaves through every law enforcement worker throughout the nation.  The stonewalling of Holder and the latest "Executive Priveledge" play that results in the obstruction of the facts surrounding a murder has many conspiracy theories being floated that indicate Obama intentionally created this program with the aim of weakening American's 2nd amendment rights.  Though there is no evidence, other than circumstantial, to give credence to this conspiracy, yet it really is no different than the media's conspiracy theory of race and politics. 

If, for say, Obama institutes this program with the explicit aim of increasing violence and death at the hands of the Mexican Cartels by American sold weapons in order to gain ground to shut down gun dealers and Americans, by that extension, then why is this not a relevant part of the investigation into the murder itself.  It is established fact that numerous weapons from Fast and Furious were recoved at scenes of horrific crimes and that these weapons came from our own government by design.  How can the public stand for this outrageous attempt at obstructing a murder investigation and a murder of a Federal Law Enforcement officer at that.  Is the Administration above the law?  Can they set into motion a fatal program that results in death and remain untouched?  It is notable that Holder did assign this issue to the Justice Department insiders to investigate, but it too is rife with conflict of interest.  It is reminiscent of the internal WH investigation over the Adminstrations contact with Blagojevich prior to the attempted selling of Obama's Senate seat where WH Council Greg Craig cleared anyone from inproprieties.

Someone, somewhere must be held accountable for this program up to and including the highest levels.  Murder has no statute of limitation.  Imagine the loved ones of all of the victims of this program must be feeling.  Justice must be served and served upon those responsible for this travesty and the investigation should be rigorous and thoroughly complete irregardless of where the evidence leads.

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  1. I could see 2nd degree murder - if things actually were capable of happening at these levels that made sense.