Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The dangers of political correctness

Dr. Benjamin Carson has become a celebrity overnight after his speech at the "National Prayer Breakfast" in which a sullen Obama sat just mere feet from the man who would have the courage to punch holes through the One and his policies. 

Dr. Carson had, as one of his theme's, the danger of political correctness as a direct impediment to the constitutional right to free speech. 

Ft. Hood shooter

It can be rightfully argued that political correctness directly contributed to the death of 13 people at Ft. Hood at the hands of an Army Psychiatrist, Nidal Hasan.  It was discovered, prior to the rampage at the base, that Hasan had communications with Anwar al-Awlaki and wrote "I cannot wait to join you" (in the afterlife).  As we now know, it was al-Awlaki who, along with his 16 year old Denver, Colorado born son died in a drone strike given by Obama in spite that both al-Awlaki's were American citizens for which I will get into a little later.

In spite of the communications with terror suspects, Hasans' direct superiors, out of political correctness not only ignored these warning bells prior to his own terror strike but promoted him upward.  To add insult to injury the final report from the commission investigating the "how and why" of Hasan they concluded that the action of Hasan was an "act of workplace violence".

If this egregious act of political correctness wasn't enough of a slap in the face to the members of the fallen Ft. Hood family as the characterization of the attack cut them off from any compensations they would have received if it was an act of terror, the trial has been delayed indefinitely due to Hasan's refusal to shave his beard due to religious reasons.

Now, back to the American citizen al-Awlaki whom Hasan communicated with and that assassination.  Don't get me wrong, I think that the drone strike that killed these American Citizens were a fitting end to their budding terror careers overseas and they rightly deserved it.  The problem that I wish to highlite here is reconciling the Democrats view and ardent stance with giving non-American terror suspects due process rights in our courts.  The drone strike itself was not in any shape or form considered in the context of due process as it was Obama and Obama alone who felt he has the power, not the courts or some form of oversight to his decision to kill this terror suspect as the arbiter of justice.  How is it that Democrats can remain silent when al-Awlaki was denied due process rights, after all, he was even an American citizen who by law should have had them, in their warped sense of reality?  Where is the ACLU? 

We now have learned that drones are now employed, on US Soil, to hunt the LAPD officer who is currently eluding capture for 3 murders in the Los Angeles area.  The question is, if the drones manage to get this crazed individual in it's cross hairs, will they launch a strike against him prior to any court appearances that may or may not find him guilty or innocent?  In other words, due process.

I could go on and on with examples of dangerous political correctness killing Americans through the effects of the beast, but the biggest danger of all is how Obama has eluded scrutiny of HIS actions through the cover of PCism.  That chapter is still being written.



  1. In listening to some of the SOTU after it was given (analysis), it occurred to me that he drones on and on.
    His droning is killing me.
    I also noticed he said stuff like "colleges must....", "we must...", dictating what we must do.
    OK, now I'm gonna copy and paste this at my blog.

  2. Women in combat, also a subject of political correctness that will result in unnecessary deaths.

    And not just deaths of women, but of their male counterparts.

  3. I give you and Ed B credit for watching bho last night--
    I just can not stomach another word from his lying-purple lips--