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The enemy of my enemy is my friend

With the Obama Administration at a full run in their attempt to pass legislation at breakneck speed (from the “economic stimulus” to “health-care” to “cap and trade”) I could not help but think that this is his plan to quickly pass this socialism before the freedom loving American public can react.
With this “audacious” head on assault against the democracy of a free America I remembered some passages that I had read from “Fugitive Days” when Obama’s (authored by longtime friend Bill Ayers) mentor described in detail, the first night of “Days of Rage” in Chicago in 1969:
Page 169 – “When the chanting slowed, Tom Hayden, on trial in federal court with seven others on conspiracy charges for leading the demonstrations at the Democratic Convention a year earlier, emerged from the crowd. When his trial had begun in late September a group of us had disrupted the proceedings, and now Hayden was bearing an echo of solidarity to us:
I bring greetings from the Chicago Eight, he said. We love you! We are here with you! Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh, we sang in answer, and Hayden added, Anything that intensifies our resistance to this war is in the service of humanity. The Weathermen are setting the terms for all of us now. Tear this monster down! Tom was caught up in the spirit of the moment, and shedding his careful demeanor from court, became the old inciter. Our chants escalated again and swirled like fireworks into the air. As improbable as it all was, I felt giddy and newly emboldened. We were about to leap arm-in-arm into the inferno of the unknown, and I remember trembling with giddiness and holding onto Diana.
The night was darker and deeper, the air colder, when Jeffrey Jones, heavily costumed with wig and helmet and paste-on beard but easily recognizable to the comrades, leapt to the front and, evoking our little monster icon, the ten-year-old boy who had derailed a train that year in Italy with a chunk of concrete, shouted, I am Marion Delgado! A great roar engulfed him. We’re heading down to derail the train of injustice! Tonight, this city is ours!A little path opened and Jones began to head south in a hard run, and three comrades linked arms in neat synchronization to his left, three to his right. We fell into quick formation behind, lines of eight to twelve people materializing like magic out of the mist. My group was intact, front row. Hundreds of us left the park that way, at a sprint, without any resistance at all – the cops had prepared for last year’s battle, huddled to the north ready to contain us when we defied the curfew, but instead we stormed south into the city, into the world beyond, rocking them back on their heels. We were in full attack.
We shrieked and screamed as we ran, ululating in imitation of the fighters of The Battle of Algiers. I saw us become what I thought was a real battalion in a guerilla army, and it felt for that moment like more than theater, more than metaphor. I felt the warrior rising up inside me - audacity and courage, righteousness, of course, and more audacity.
As we plunged out of the park onto North Avenue and Clark street, David and Rachel hauled chunks of brick and pavement from pockets and packs and hurled a barrage at the huge inviting windows of the first building on the block, a big and gleaming bank.The glass shattered and a vibration exploded through us. It was Pavlov’s bell. As in the collective’s months ago, the competition was on, each act inspiring another. The bigger the mess the better was the incentive zinging in my brain. The crowd thundered down Clark, every windowpane a target, every bit of glass in every business crashing joyously in our wake. With our pace now a dead run, some of us turned to car windows, hotel windows, the windows of the luxury high-rise apartments we streamed past. I swung my Billy club into the windshield of Cadillac and then a Mercedes.”These words are a metaphor for what is happening today because these same radicals who were enemies of America are now in every vestige of power. They are in government. They are in academia. They are on Non-profit board of directors. When you see this administration, that is aligned with the Bill Ayers of the world in their ideology and see that their initial targets in legislation are banks (with big gleaming windows to shatter) and the Auto industry (attacking Cadillac’s and Mercedes) you get the feeling that they (Obama and his admin) are all at a dead run to accomplish as much chaos as possible except now they are not armed with bricks and Billy clubs, they are armed with the full power and force of the media and the levers of government.
When our elected leaders on the Democratic side of the isle paint the current tea party protesters and the “town hall” protesters as “right wing extremists” invoking images of “Nazi brown shirts” and their dangerous actions as Pelosi, Reid and most in the MSM have done, you just need to compare the current actions of the tea party protesters to those images that Ayers invokes in “fugitive days” to understand the lie. Each and every man, woman and child that are exercising their right to “free speech” in opposition to those who are literally destroying America right before their eyes are doing so to preserve and defend the constitution and institutions that are what this country is all about. They are armed with facts about the wayward policies not bricks and chunks of concrete stuffed into their coats. They are not anarchists that are seeking to destroy property in a mob atmosphere calling their efforts “days of rage”. They call their efforts “tea parties”. They are not running from their civic duties as those in 1969 did when they ran just as fast -- away from their military obligations. Finally, the tea party protestors are not guilty of traveling to Iran, Venezuela, Syria to denounce their country as Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane) did when she traveled to North Vietnam to speak to our enemies, at a time of war and when we had prisoners of war that would bear the brunt of Jane Fonda’s traitorous actions and deeds – one of these prisoners was John McCain. Tom Hayden was on that same trip to North Vietnam where Hanoi Jane spoke her words of hate for America and in fact wed her in 1973. Tom Hayden was the first to mold Obama into this world of those who despised and hate America when Obama first went to college out of high school, six years after Hanoi Jane.
There are those who read this article that will complain that I am painting Obama in a “broad brush stroke” or “guilt by association” analogy unfairly. They will point out that Obama has condemned the violence of his long time friend (Ayers) and that he was “only 8 years old at the time of the violence” thus absolving any link to the crimes and ideology. While it is true that Obama was only 8 in 1969, Ayers penned this open expose in 2001 (when Obama was 40)! Further more, Obama attended “Occidental College” directly out of high school in Honolulu, from 1979 through 1981.
Can you guess who was an associate professor at Occidental during that time – Tom Hayden (Original organizer of the SDS, one of the Chicago eight and long time cohort of William Ayers who gave the pep talk to those who perpetrated the “Days of Rage in Chicago in 1969)? Obama cannot escape or diminish his knowledge of Ayers past transgression of terrorism or ideology because of his current ties to him and those people that run in Ayers “circle of influence” including and specifically starting with Tom Hayden.
"Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed." – Joseph Stalin
When looking into Tom Hayden’s past at Occidental College I went to their (Occidental College) website and found this curriculum for the fall of 2007 (27 years after Obama indoctrinated there) and found that they are still indoctrinating our youth with the same ideology that Obama suckled from the socialist teat (Hayden is a guest speaker at this time, but look at the required reading and suggested reading for the courses):
As you can see with the curriculum of this “Liberal Arts College” that Obama attended this is where he was initially indoctrinated in the “marxist” Saul Alinsky “community organizing” model. It is disturbing enough that Obama is now sitting in the White House with these views, but think of all the young minds that are being and have been indoctrinated in this fashion.When you read the passage from Bill Ayers’ book “fugitive days” you can see that as a young radical he was transfixed by the words and deeds of his fellow “leader” Tom Hayden.
The excerpt:
"Tom was caught up in the spirit of the moment, and shedding his careful demeanor from court, became the old inciter. Our chants escalated again and swirled like fireworks into the air. As improbable as it all was, I felt giddy and newly emboldened. We were about to leap arm-in-arm into the inferno of the unknown, and I remember trembling with giddiness and holding onto Diana.”
Tom Hayden is obviously a charismatic individual to elicit “giddiness” in a stone cold terror leader as well as a future “world leader” in Obama.
As with Ayers, Hayden was able to transcend the world of terror and lawlessness and parlay it into a successful and rewarding college career. You see, Obama did not just “throw in” with peaceful anti-war activists of the ‘60’s and 70’s like the original SDS members who advocated a more “Gandhi” approach to peace in the world, he surrounded and immersed himself with the hard core violent factions that broke from the SDS because they were not violent enough. There are those who support the methods of the weathermen that will tell you that Hayden was not one of them, that he was SDS and did not have official affiliation with the weathermen, but here he was on this “cold and misty night” speaking to them:
Hayden added, “anything that intensifies our resistance to this war is in the service of humanity. The Weathermen are setting the terms for all of us now.”As a “field secretary” for the SDS Hayden wrote the “manifesto” for SDS titled “Port Huron Statement” once again, keeping in mind that this is the future college professor of Obama at Occidental College in 1979 (some 17 years after the manifesto was drafted).
Here are some excerpts from the SDS (Hayden authored) manifesto:“Our form is tentative — it will change as a response to growth, as we extend beyond our own age group — as we find ways to work with those whom the academic structure identifies as our teachers, as bridges can be extended to labor, the church, the liberal reform-and socialist political groups, as we form the necessary amalgamations with other liberal and radical centers on the campus and beyond. Our goal is to stimulate a left — new and, we think, young.
Note: think SEIU (Wade Rathke is the founder of SEIU as well as ACORN. He is also the former leader of SDS).
After the lengthy explanation of what is wrong with the “Establishment”, the manifesto gets down to “brass-tacks” with “what is needed”:
1. Universal controlled disarmament must replace deterrence and arms control as the national defense goal.
2. The United States principal goal should be creating a world where hunger, poverty, disease, ignorance, violence and exploitation are replaced as central features by abundance, reason love, and international cooperation.
3. We should not depend significantly on private enterprise to do the job.
4. The United States should be prepared to support authoritarian regimes.
5. Foreign aid should be given through international agencies primarily the United Nations.
6. Mechanisms of voluntary association must be erected through which political information can be imparted and participation encouraged.
Note: Can anyone who reads the above see similarities in Obama policies?
After Obama left Occidental College to attend Columbia University (in NY), Hayden entered into politics as a California State legislator and Senator for the next 18 years. This, I believe is what guided Obama into politics. His favorite College Professor and former terror leader could shed his past and blaze a bright and shining socialist future. It is widely known that Obama began his political career in the living room of Bill Ayers who was in the front row that night in Chicago listening to his colleague in terror gave the pep talk that ignited the violence.
Here is a snippet of an article Tom Hayden wrote in April 2008 about the Obama campaign:
"My view is to be humbled and appreciative of this unpredicted upsurge of idealistic and fervent activism created in the Obama movement, and to be supportive of the candidacy while remaining independent and critical of the candidate’s moderate views on Iraq and NAFTA.
It’s my sense as an organizer for 50 years that we should stand with spontaneous new waves of activism, not demand that they call off their campaigns at the most critical moment. It is possible to do so without having to surrender our independence on the issues we care most about. For that reason, some of us have created a Web site called Progressives for Obama, including myself, Bill Fletcher, Barbara Ehrenreich, Danny Glover, Cornel West, Jane Fonda, Jim Hightower, Jean Stein, Andy Stern, Anna Burger, and 300 more.
The social movements have not disappeared in 2008 but follow a logic of their own, like a river cutting its path. If the Clintons steal the nomination, the social movements will return in force. If Obama wins the presidency, the social movements will rise with higher expectations to demand that President Obama end the Iraq war and focus on race, poverty and environmental issues at home and around the world. The left should not be a small elite outside this process."
Obama is a “Socialist” progressive!
It is already established that Tom Hayden is an ardent socialist that supports the use of radical violence to get the message out. It is also established that Tom Hayden influenced a young Barack Obama when he first attended college. It is also established that Tom Hayden influenced Bill Ayers and that their days in the SDS and the Weathermen terror organization were designed to foment change in the democratic ideals of America through socialist activism. Tom Hayden wrote an article dated July 2, 2009 titled “The Possibility of an Obama-Chavez Understanding”:
An excerpt from the article:
“According to eyewitness sources, under the apparently blind eye of the global media, the two leaders had lengthy conversations. The media covered the friendly photo of the initial handshake between the two leaders, then made much ado about an apparently-impertinent Chavez handing Obama a book in Spanish by Eduardo Galleano.What has not been reported is that Obama, leaving his advisers behind, held lengthy private conversations with Chavez where only an interpreter was present.”
Haydens final thoughts about the Chavez/Obama friendship or understanding between the two:
“The rapprochement, if it holds, would seem to be welcome news”
This alliance with Chavez holds true to the “Port Huron Manifesto” that a young Hayden penned during his radical days of the 1960’s and what it would take to transform America in his vision:Remember the “brass tacks” comment above, specifically #4 “The United States should be prepared to support authoritarian regimes”.
In an article dated July 6, 2009 reporting on the Hayden article above, commented on Hayden’s beliefs:
“In a July 2 press statement, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, expressed the hope that Obama "grows in office" and "will eventually turn away from despots like Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Castro, and Zelaya," who was deported by the military on orders from the Honduran Supreme Court and Congress for his violations of the law and the Constitution.However, the Hayden article strongly suggests that the Obama policy is not the result of incompetence or inexperience but is deliberate in nature.“
And –
“In a July 6 Wall Street Journal column, Mary Anastasia O'Grady also writes about receiving complaints from Hondurans and goes on to denounce the Obama/Chavez policy as "insane." After analyzing previous U.S. policies toward Chavez, she writes, "If Washington does not reverse course, it will be one more act of appeasement toward an ambitious and increasingly dangerous dictator."
But why would Obama be appeasing Chavez? Could the "appeasement" reflect the fact that Obama and Chavez are ideologically in sync and see events in Latin America through the same Marxist lens? That is what the Hayden article suggests.Hayden was one of four principal initiators of the "Progressives for Obama" group. We noted in a May 2008 column that "Hayden and Ayers were key members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the violence-prone group that laid siege to college campuses in the 1960s. One of their main goals was making sure the communists conquered South Vietnam. Ayers, of course, would go on to plant bombs as a member of the SDS-spawned Weather Underground communist terrorist group. Hayden would win notoriety as Jane Fonda's husband and become a politician."Regarding Hayden, we noted that he was caught in possession of a letter to a North Vietnamese official. The "Dear Col. Lao" letter, dated June 4, 1968, ended with, "Good fortune! Victory!"
The results of the efforts of Hayden, Ayers and others were a communist victory in Vietnam, hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese escaping as "boat people" or being sent to "re-education" camps, and a genocide in neighboring Cambodia, when the communist Khmer Rouge took power.
The Progressives for Obama membership includes two names from the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, an off-shoot of the old Moscow-controlled Communist Party USA (CPUSA). They are Carl Davidson, formerly of SDS, and Jim Campbell. Two other names come from the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), whose Chicago branch has backed Obama from the start. They are Barbara Ehrenreich and Cornel West.But the Chavez goal is not just to conquer Latin America. In December 2007 his regime hosted a conference devoted to staging a communist revolution in the United States. The panel discussion on "United States: A possible revolution" was described as the central event at the third Venezuela International Book Fair.
Here is an article from a socialist website describing the agenda, speakers and outcome of the true nature of this “International book fair” guise whose true agenda was to discuss the transformation of America into socialism:
Excerpt on participants:
“The forum kicked off November 10 with presentations by Mary-Alice Waters, a member of the Socialist Workers Party National Committee and president of Pathfinder Press; Eva Golinger, a Venezuelan-American lawyer and author of The Chávez Code; Chris Carlson, a contributor to the website; and Tufara Waller, cultural program coordinator of the Highlander Center in Tennessee. The issues joined at that first session remained at the center of the debate the following four days. (See “Venezuela book fair theme: ‘U.S., a possible revolution’” in last week’s Militant.)
In addition to the forum panelists mentioned below, others included Bernardo álvarez, Venezuela’s ambassador to the United States; former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill; August Nimtz, a University of Minnesota political science professor; William Blum, an author who has written a number of books opposing U.S. foreign policy; ex-Maryknoll priest Charles Hardy; and Dada Maheshvarananda, yoga instructor and founder of the Prout Institute.
To make my point ever clearer, I will take an excerpt directly from the book Obama wrote “Dreams from my father” and let him tell you what I am implying – that Obama gravitated to Tom Hayden, Professor, Occidental College because of his Marxist views. The excerpt was to explain a young Obama, freshman and his deliberate path.
Chapter 5 – Origins
“To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets. At night, in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy.”
Neocolonialism - is a term used by post-colonial critics of developed countries' involvement in the developing world. Writings within the theoretical framework of neocolonialism argue that existing or past international economic arrangements created by former colonial powers were or are used to maintain control of their former colonies and dependencies after the colonial independence movements of the post World War II period.
Eurocentrism - is a term coined during the period of decolonization in the later 20th century to refer to the practice of viewing the world from a European perspective, with an implied belief, either consciously or subconsciously, in the preeminence of European (and, more generally, of Western) culture.
Franz Fanon - Fanon has had an inspiring impact on anti-colonial and liberation movements. In particular, Les damnés de la terre was a major influence on the work of revolutionary leaders such as Ali Shariati in Iran, Steve Biko in South Africa, Malcolm X in the United States and Ernesto Che Guevara in Cuba. Of these only Guevara was primarily concerned with Fanon's theories on violence.
Patriarchy - is the structuring of family units based on the man, as father figure, having primary authority over the rest of the family members. Patriarchy also refers to the role of men in society more generally where men take primary responsibility over the welfare of the community as a whole. This authority often includes acting as the dominant figures in social, economic, and political procedures, including serving as representatives via public office.
Those on the right that pointed to Obama and his radical ties to Bill Ayers during the 2008 Democratic primaries and subsequent Presidential election were important but the man that inspired Ayers (and a young Obama) were the former SDS and Weatherman leader turned Occidental College Professor Tom Hayden.
This fact went undetected by the press and public in spite of the facts that are easily found on the internet and in Obama’s own writings.We also know that Obama had his political career kick-started in the Chicago home of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn both of which had their radical violent experiences shared by Hayden on that cold misty Chicago night. We also know that another SDS/Weatherman (Wade Rathke founded both ACORN & SEIU) helped to elevate the radical Obama into the Presidency with the tools provided by ACORN and the SEIU organizations.
Obama was raised in a household of socialists and communists.
In “Dreams of my Father” Obama wrote that a man named “Frank” (an associate of Obama’s grandparents) was his mentor. What Obama failed to mention was the mans full name: Frank Marshall Davis!
American thinker traces Obama’s parents and their parents and their association with Frank Davis. I suggest the readers here take the time to read it because it provides the missing pieces of the Obama puzzle and explains how he became the ardent socialist that he is today.
Though Frank Davis was a communist, he was not so much a militant as Obama and his circle of influence turned out to be.
I believe that if and when the forces of legality come to bear, either through the freedom of information act or through the courtroom compelling Obama to release his college transcripts, birth certificate and passport records will we truly put all of the pieces together. Until that time, we can take solace in the fact that there are a lot of Americans fighting the socialists at every step in every venue.

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