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Glenn Beck Homework Assignment III - The Ted Turner/Maruice Strong Show!

As if marrying Hanoi Jane wasn’t anti-American enough!

There is a long list of anti-American accomplishments attributed to Ted Turner (including the one listed above). Glen Beck has made a request of his audience to research Maurice Strong (which I have already posted 2 lengthy articles about the man and his associates). In those articles that I mention, nowhere amongst them have I mentioned the name Ted Turner who has single handedly used his wealth to promote the downfall of the United States, the country that he gained his wealth from.

I have gone to great lengths to document David Rockefeller and Maurice Strong. The wealth of the Rockefeller family, through the efforts of David Rockefeller, have paved the way for the creation of the UN, UNESCO, Council of Foreign Relations, The Tri-lateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, The Club of Rome and the American Eugenics Society.

The vast wealth of Rockefeller and Turner has poured into these anti-American, World order organizations for over 75 years. A more disturbing detail is that Bill Gates, George Sorros and Warren Buffet are intertwined with the same philosophies of Eugenics, Global Warming and the UN through a direct connection to the Club of Rome. Combined, the amount of money available for the transformation and downfall of individual sovereignty of free countries to a few socialist elites is frightening.

Ted Turner was in the news yesterday when he suggested that the following in a CNN interview (CNN is owned by Ted Turner):

Ted Turner: Is God speaking in Gulf Coast Spill?”

I recall Ted Turner publicly stating those who observe “Ash Wednesday are Jesus Freaks” and those who oppose abortions “Bozo’s”.

According to the CNN interview: “his suggestion that God may have had a hand in the oil disaster that killed 11 and is threatening the Gulf Coast may take some by surprise.

“Could be,” God’s work, he told CNN’s Poppy Harlow. “He’s sending us a message.”

“I’m not a real religious person, but I’m somewhat religious. And I’m just wondering if God is telling us he doesn’t want us to drill offshore,” he said. “And right before that we had that coal mine disaster in West Virginia where we lost 29 miners,” as well as repeated mining disasters – “seems like there’s one over there every week” – in China.”

Please take note here that he also speaks about repeated coal mine disasters. In my Glen Beck Homework Assignment II article I described the common link between the “Gulf Oil spill and the 988 point stock market dive (due to a purported error in the sale of billions vs. millions of Proctor & Gamble stocks). That link was “The Club of Rome” and one of its members (Ernesto Zedillo) who sits on both the BP (Oil Rig disaster) and Proctor & Gamble (988 point loss event).

In the article I also point out an interview that Maurice Strong gave about a “secret organization” of elites who plot to topple the stock markets and hire “mercenaries to hold politicians and diplomats hostage. I thought it was strange that after a delay in responding to the oil platform disaster, Obama dispatched S.W.A.T. teams to the other platforms in the gulf?

In using his network to tell America that God was “at work” in the gulf, he himself is Godless.

Turner, father of 5 children and owns 15 ranches (he is the largest land owner in the US) with over 50,000 head of Bison (also the largest heard in N. America) that supplies his “Ted’s Montana Grill” restaurants (a burger restaurant chain specializing in Bison burgers). Yet, in 2008, Turner stated on the “Charlie Rose” show (PBS) – “if steps aren’t taken to address global warming, most of the people will have died and the rest of us (notice how he includes himself as one of the survivors) will be cannibals.”

Note: according to the “Scientific American” -- Producing beef for the table has a surprising environmental cost: it releases prodigious amounts of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

He also stated that the “US should drastically cut its military budget and the Americans should have no more than 2 children (yet he has 5)!

In a 2006 Reuter’s Newsmaker Conference, on Iran’s nuclear position, “They’re a sovereign State. We have 28,000 (nukes). Why can’t they have 10?”


Turner turns to God as the culprit of the evils of “offshore oil drilling” yet demeans those who practice it as “Jesus Freaks”. He divorced Jane Fonda when she found religion.

He calls those who oppose abortions “bozo’s” and advocates 2 child only policies in America, yet he himself has 5 children.

He warns us to take steps to address global warming or cannibalism will ensue, yet he owns the largest heard of heat-trapping greenhouse gas emitting bison’s in the US that fuels (no pun intended) his burger chain of restaurants.

The man is a walking contradiction. But wait, I am just getting warmed up (again, no pun intended).

We know that Ted Turner and Maurice Strong have a mutual affection for each other, other than their membership in “the Club of Rome”. In 1985, Ted Turner founded the “Better World Society”. Ted’s choice for the man to lead this new endeavor was Maurice Strong. Here is the account that show’s how much influence Maurice Strong had over the American billionaire –

“In 1985, Turner established the Better World Society to promote two of his pet issues: environmentalism and the UN. In Where on Earth Are We Going?, Strong describes how in 1991 Turner persuaded him to lead the organization: "Midway through lunch, [Turner] abruptly put down his knife and fork and got down on his knees… ‘Maurice,' he said, ‘I'm down on my knees because I want you to become president of the Better World Society, and I beg you not to say no.'" Strong didn't.

The Better World Society was only the beginning. In January 1998, Turner donated $1 billion to the new United Nations Foundation. Its goal is to distribute $100 million a year for the next ten years to U.N. programs dealing with poverty, malnutrition, peacekeeping and the environment. Turner named Strong to the founding board of directors.”

The same article sums up their conclusion about Maurice Strong in this fashion (and can be applied to the global warming alarmist crowd in total):

“Environmental politicians like Maurice Strong don't follow the science. They push for power. Strong has devoted his life to establishing international legal procedures to enforce his vision. And his imagination is haunted by a parade of environmental horribles. Scientists doubt they may ever come to pass, but Strong, like many contemporary environmentalists, is motivated more by fervent conviction than scientific evidence. Paul Ehrlich's "population bomb" never exploded, and the Club of Rome's reports on the limits to growth are famously wrong. Not one catastrophe hypothesized by Strong and other environmentalists has occurred. But that hasn't stopped them from building the environmental movement”

Next in my series of “homework” assignments for Mr. Beck I will try to unravel the United Nations Foundation and the relationship with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the Warren Buffet connection. The billionaires that are all connected to George Sorros and the Democrat Party as well as SEIU, ACORN and other non-profits and NGO’s…….

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