Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama's deceit is catching up to him!

Whether it is the soon to be uncomfortable spotlight that will shine on Obama and his administration during the upcoming Blagojevich "pay for play" trial or the impending disaster that is brewing on the Joe Sestak "pay for play" White House job offer -- one thing is clear -- a wreckoning is looming.

For me, there is no difference between Blago and Obama's (Sestak) implications other than Blago is not a "Federal" politician and the law is different, but the circumstances and the players are all the same.  I have written ad-nausem regarding the Blago case and Obama's involvement and that of his minions around him including Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, SEIU and the whitewash "legal" report that the White House Counsel issued saying "nothing here, move along".

I found it ironic that the President, when the issue became heated and they could no longer suppress it, that Obama called Sestak a liar from one side of his mouth and then said that the Democrats and the White House support and endorse him for Senator.

Maybe it's just me or is this endorsement in and of itself "furthering the crime"?

Again, ironic that he calls the man a liar and then tells everyone the "liar" is his choice for politician.

Furthermore, the irony is not lost that, according to Sestak himself publically, that he was told to stand down running against Benedict Arlen (and didn't) only to beat Arlen himself.  Arlen switched loyalties to stick his finger in the Republicans eyes when he couldn't win their primary and gave the Dems another "healthcare" yeah.  It is just another upside down reality thingy that the Hope and Change has brought to us.

I look forward to a little truth and the following wreckening that ensues.  Maybe we will see a "Presidential resignation" and give America something they want, for a change.......

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