Monday, May 31, 2010

Stockton Police can no longer guarantee your safety!

Billboard message from the unions sucking the life out of the city

The Mayor of Stockton, California summed it up best – “Stockton mayor Ann Johnston said with police and fire department expenses accounting for 78 percent of the city's budget, labor groups representing officers and firefighters will have to make more concessions.

"We can not sustain the contracts that we have. We can not pay for the people that we have employed today without concessions from the unions," Stockton mayor Ann Johnston said.”

The Unions across America are bleeding counties, cities and states dry by their hefty retirement packages that are unsustainable. The unions then, when they are forced to deal with reality, choose “fear tactics” of its citizens to avoid concessions.

This is exactly the socialist system that Europe is faced with when massive strikes occur in transportation sectors that effectively shut down government. This is where America is quickly treading if we do not shut these corrupt and dangerous enterprises we call “Labor Unions”…….


  1. Rosey it's absolutely amazing! You could have substituted the words Jacksonville, FL for "Stockton, CA" in that article and it could have been written by my local paper (cat box liner.)

    The public sector unions are killing us.

  2. Nice way of trying to hijack the issue, with subtle threats.

    Thing is, the police never did ensure your personal safety, that is an indivudial responsiblity. Always has been,and always will be.

    But nice of the thug unions try to politize the issue with scare tactics.