Friday, August 3, 2012

Are chik'ens breathing easier these days?

The new-age crusades have begun and the chik'n has been imprinted on the standard bearer as the symbol of Christian beliefs.  When I say "crusades" I do not intend to besmirch Christianity by invoking bloody intolerance sweeping across the land of heretics, I am attempting to "re-brand" the word as a symbol of support in a peaceful way.  Let me be clear, the "burning at the stakes" are sweeping across the land from those on the left who they brand as "intolerant heretics" for those who hold family values sacred.

Political leaders on the left began their coercive crusades against Chik-fil-a through thuggish inimidation that strayed far beyond religeous beliefs into totalitarian suppression of speech.  Christians of this nation are tolerant for those who do not share their family core values (marraige between one man and one woman) but those on the left do not employ tolerance for those who do not agree with their beliefs. 

The leaders of the LGBT community, in response to "Chik-fil-a appreciation day" has now vowed to decend on Chik-fil-a in the near future, in force, and hold a "kiss-in" where same sex couples will stand up inside the restaurants across the nation and kiss each other.  The media will of course plaster these images across their front pages prominently for all Christians to see. 

This subtle religeous war has just esculated to the point where the those who support Gay anything are rubbing their beliefs into America's Christian noses.  One thing is for sure, Obama lit this candle of devisiveness as he usually does and sits in the Oval offices smiling at the carnage in his wake.

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  1. This is one screwed up dysfunctional country we live in these days. I commented myself.

    Probably 90+ % of the gays go about their lives and wouldn't be caught dead in a Chick-Fil-Z kiss-in. Activists screw it up for the rest all the time.