Saturday, August 4, 2012

Eating their own

OK, here is a question for those who follow the Democrat elections across the country, it is not a trick question, but a surprising outcome to say the least:

What Democrat just won his States' primary over 4 of his challengers with the following platform which was prominent on his Campaign Facebook page -- "Strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution, family stances that are pro-life, and keeping the country from turning into “AN ORWELLIAN SUPER STATE.”

OK, confused?  Can anyone even think that a Democrat would embrace such "Conservative" priciples and still be alive to do so yet alone actually winning the right to face the Republican encumbent in November?  I don't know about you, but if I were the Republican encumbent I would be worried about re-election.

Answer:  The State of Tennessee and the winner is Mark Clayton!  This is the same State that brought us the Gores. 

What is not surprising though is the Tennessee Democrat Party's response by "disavowing" him.  In fact they are so revulsed by the win that they brand him a hater and are asking all Democrats in the State to write in someone else instead.

One of Claytons opponents had name recognition, Park Overall, Actress on the hit TV series Empty Nest in the 1980's.  Her political platform sounds awful familiar and is probably the reason why she lost:

"Overall believes that the government's role is to be "stewards of this planet, and of our people, and of this great nation." She argues that tax dollars should be used for infrastructure, roads, libraries, schools, and "services that made this country great."

Stating that she grew up in a household with an AFL-CIO ash tray on the dinner table, Overall has spoken in favor of labor unions, and warns that Republicans have "stolen" the language of unions, successfully redefining terms like "good benefits" and "pensions" as "a string of cusswords."

Overall is pro-gay marriage, arguing that same-sex couples are guaranteed the right to marry by the 14th Amendment. In response to President Obama's May 2012 endorsement of the legalization of gay marriage, Overall released a statement saying, "hallelujah and what took so long?"

Overall has frequently criticized state lawmakers for passing restrictions on abortion. In her Jackson Day keynote address in Nashville on April 5, 2012, she mocked the Tennessee state legislature for passing a bill requiring abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges, stating, "if you have an abortion, you have to have a doctor who has in-house privileges, but keep in mind, the guy who does my botox and lips doesn't." She also accused Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell of not knowing the meaning of "transvaginal," referring to McDonnell's initial support (which he later withdrew) of a measure that would have required a transvaginal ultrasound for women seeking an abortion." -- Wikipedia

According to the Tennessean -- "Sean Braisted, a Democratic Party spokesman, left the door open for a possible legal maneuver to try to get Clayton’s name off the Democratic line of the November ballot.

“The only option we are taking off the table in this situation,” he said, “is supporting Mark Clayton.”

If I didn't know better, the Democrats are in real trouble come November regardless of the outcome of the Tennessee Senate race.

Got to love those smooth as silk southerners.....


  1. Personally, I wouldn't vote for any democrat. If you are a conservative, why be in the democrat party and confuse the issue. Make a clear statement and -if you're conservative - be tea party.
    But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe transforming the democrat party from the inside isn't a bad idea either...

  2. I envision a time, in the near future, where both parties are literally the same. I know, I know that is the way it is today except that today both parties are big government, socialists. I saying this about the GOP too. The 2010 midterm elections saw the swift away from this with the tea party candidates or those who espoused tea party-like views. This will continue for awhile until both parties are more representative of the people (tea party-like). This is why I sound so positive in my belief that the people will purge this scourge on short order.

  3. I'd say the repubs screwed up when they decided they'd market their party to intelligent people. The dems obviously went to the other way, marketing themselves to children or otherwise ignorant people and now have the upper hand.

    I hope you're right.