Saturday, August 11, 2012

The "Huntsman" returns to the lodge

Something is rotton in Denmark and its not the fish.  John Huntsman, the former Obama ambassador to China turned GOP President hopeful (only in his and the Democrat minds) has been tapped to speak at the Democrat National Convention.  In a bizzare twist, Huntsman will speak at a place that alot of Democrats have publicly said they would not attend.  I guess he is reminiscing about his campaign stops.

The Democrats planted this "Republican" in the GOP fold only to fail in their devious plans and have now recalled him home like a KGB spy whos cover has been blown.  The whole scenario doesn't quite square with reality, but it does when you realise that all through the "Harry Reid-Mitt-Romney-hasn't-paid-his-taxes-in-over-ten-years" flap that was almost blown out of the water until Reid disclosed that his source came from a Republican.  We now are learning that the "Republican" is, er, Huntsman!

I find it facinating that Democrats cannot string two sentences together coherently, yet put together a plot of this magnitude. 

Me thinks that the Democrats never really got over the 2004 GOP convention when the star speaker rocked the house. 

                                                                       Part One

Part II

The Democrats seem to think that Huntsman will be the bullet that sinks Romney with the tax issue and then will go into the bee hive and receive his hero's welcome.

Huntsman is no Zell Miller and Obama is no President......

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