Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obama is foreign

I know, here we ago again about the birther issues.  Just for writing the Bi-line above I am open to hostility and being labled a nutcase.  Hear me out.  I believe that Americans will resoundly reject Obama and those who he has entrenched into the government at all levels for the simple reason that he is foreign, to us.

In spite of the recent, forensic evidence on display by Sherriff Joe and his posse that have given any court case the requisite "prima facia" evidence needed to proceed as it regards to Obama's Birth certificate, the one he has posted on his website, as being forged.

No, I am not speaking about birther issues at all, I am talking about the fact that Americans think, feel and believe that his politics, policies and ideology is foreign to us as a nation. 

Americans do not believe that their private property should be confiscated and given to another who has not earned it.  Social Justice in Obama's view is foreign.

Americans do not believe that the Government should make life and death decisions about their own health over the free market system we have enjoyed.  Nanny State healthcare is foreign.

Americans do not believe that the Government should protect our borders vigorously to prevent disease and infiltration of those who seek to do its citizens harm.  Any thing less is foreign.

Americans believe that their freedoms, individual freedoms like religion is guaranteed in our constitution and that a family based business who coincidently have openly shared their beliefs should not be persecuted in the town square for doing so.  This my friend is foreign to us.

The list goes on and on.  The more I think about that list, the more conviced I am that Obama will be deported from power into obscurity to misbehave as Jimmy Carter has all these long years since Sherriff Ron came to town.

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