Saturday, August 4, 2012

What's "Left" of America

In Obama and those who support him have a vision, a grand vision of epic change, from what we and the World understand America to be.  This methodical and dangerous path they have enacted has reached its ugly and destructive tentacles far and deep within our society.  From the classrooms of our children where those of Obama's ilk have preached a utopian vision that must be achieved.  Those entrusted with teaching our young have been turning our culture and minds upside down where the hero's they espouse are blood thirsty in their quest for dominance over the people and are glorified to almost deity status.  Oh, course the term deity has no religious connotations to the Left, save its dogma that secular leftism is its own religion where God has no role and that Government run by elite intellectuals are Godlike.

Che' images are displayed as fashionable clothing and the story of Revolution to achieve utopianism is glorified. 

You see our young, leaving their campus's in order to take to the streets mostly in violent and destructive ways just as their handlers want.  Division of the populace that is predominently American must be achieved in order to bring this change about.  You see this in the words and actions of the politicians of the left.  You see this in the community organizations in the name of Social Justice.  You see this in the ACLU and in the LGBT actions that have decended upon Chick-fil-a. 

Unlike the Tea Party spontaneity that was ever so peaceful, respectfuly to tolerance and personal property and in those Americans who came out in large numbers across this land to support a family business owner who has espoused his belief in God, Family & tolerance.

What many realise now is that this Leftist "revolution" has begun in earnest as they fight to dismantle America from the inside out.  The signs are there and the current events report it.  The basic goodness of those who stand on the other side of this utopian vision are legion.  The giant has awaken and is moving in the right direction and those in its path fear us.  They lie, cheat, steal, deceive and yes even perpetrate violence in order to counter us.  Time is quickly running out for them as their mask of deceipt has been exposed.  We now know the subtle tricks they have employed all these years to keep their mask from exposure and they are panicked to a point of "powder keg" proportions.  The years of indoctrination of glorious revolution that started in the 1960's is ingrained to those who embraced the notion.

We, Americans will be victorious in saving this country from the evil cancer that has grown to an ugly blemish recognizable from a distance.  Lets hope that when they are defeated it will be by the good natured, tea party-like model we have seen.  In closing, I best describe the Americans of good nature, the ones who align with the decent decorum of the tea party, as thus:

Those who oppose the left is "where peace lives and hate has not purchase"!

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  1. In the end the voters must save themselves. Is it possible for them to understand by teaching, or will it only take Experience.
    That's the question.