Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bumps in the road, to where?

Days after this image was taken of those who supposedly mourned for the loss of life resulting from dangerous policy decisions, Obama and Hillary find themselves in trouble politically.  First you have all of the lies intended to coverup the real issues that led to these deaths by blaming an obscure film (which by the way made its way into the UN speeches) instead of terror attacks.  Then you have Obama downplaying this tragedy by saying these events that led to this image as "Bumps in the Road"!  The sacrifices of these diplomats and former Navy Seals were, according to Obama and company, not to America but to his political ambitions and his vision of transformation of this country.


  1. Inquiring Minds Want To know!

    Why is it that the Liberals can say anything they want about Sarah Palin but anyone who criticizes MOOCHELLE Obama all HELL breaks loose?

    Why is it that when it's up the Liberal's MOOCHELLE Obama can never do anything wrong
    Bugs the hell out of you doesn't it?

  2. obama is SUCH a POS, and he proves it every 5 minutes.

  3. The "Clinton Bump" from his DNC speech will be the mythical "bump in the road". Speaking of the Clintons, I loved Dennis Miller's recent FB status: "Anybody else noticed that over the last 20 years Bill & Hillary have completely switched body types like some anatomical Freaky Friday?"