Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wealth Redistribution is slavery

To take, by force (government), the product of an individual's fruit of their labor is no different than slavery.  We have heard that Democrats want reparations for the taking of African Americans labor to build this country and give it to their decendants.  How is today's Obama America any different than those who forced a segment of society (blacks) to toil in the fields for the benefit of others gain?  Answer:  It isn't

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  1. I submit that any African-Americans who wanted reparations already go them when LBJ stole the social security funds and created welfare around 1963.

    They already go their reparations adn here is an example where government stole not from the rich but from the middle class and lower class. And not just a one time deal, they've been doing it for almost 40 years.

    Which is why my skin crawls when I heard these jokers in government talk about how social security recipients are 'the problem'. Mind boggling everyone doesn't head to DC with pitchforks and A-bombs.