Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Throwing Democrats under the bus while booing God

It was a spectacle reserved just for the absurd Socialist party of miscreants.  In the span of one day they showed the world just how crazy and schizophrenic they are.

After suffering in the Conservative press that they removed God and the Capital of Isreal from their official platform they do what they do best, they hasten political expediency to soften the damage.

The Democrat platform is replete with baby killing and with a demand for a "constitutional amendment" limiting free speech.  They also have anti-gun language and anti-marriage verbiage.  Their platform has laid bare their true nature.

But, saving their best for last they held a floor vote, which requires 2/3 majority to pass, to re-insert the word God and Jerusalem back into the language.  Then, for the whole world to see -- they rammed the resolution down their constituents throats Ala Obamacare down ours.  The CSPAN video clearly shows roughly fifty-fifty for and against.  When they rammed it as passed, then those who hate God booed at the maneuver.

This is what they think America is.  I am more confident there will be landslide election losses in all local, State and Federal elections for these morons come November.

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