Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Inciting violence through Trevon Martin

While the trial of George Zimmerman is quickly heading to a surreal close those who stoked the fans of racism brace for the violence they say they fear.  The Main Stream media and the liberal point men have called for Zimmerman's head on a pike and have proclaimed his guilt from the outset in order to create another scenario of racism that we Americans were presumably over when we elected the first African American President. 

The symbolic lynching of George Zimmerman in the press in the land where jurisprudence dictates, through our Bill of Rights, that we are innocent until PROVEN guilty has been sickening.  These people, race-baiters, have turned the heat up underneath the social fabric until it has reached a boiling point just in time for the verdict.  We all know what that verdict will be because we all know Zimmerman acted appropriately under the Florida "stand your ground" law.  We all knew that the States case was a house of cards from the outset.  We have seen the MSM doctor their photo's and their stories in order to portray a counter reality in which they were caught red handed. 

When Zimmerman was not arrested after the shooting the miscreants came crawling out of their cesspools to demand the lynching.  The two most prominent players who came crawling were Al Sharpton who, on the day of his own mothers' death, stood on the steps of the Sanford City Hall and called for his arrest.  According to WFTV -- "Sharpton told WFTV reporter Daralene Jones that the case is not about being black or white, it's about anyone who has children should realize that Martin could be their child.

"We can not allow for it to be a legal precedent that unarmed young men can be shot down and killed and people walk away from it like they stepped on an insect," Sharpton said. "To leave him in the medical examiner's office and not go through his cell phone, like he wasn't even a human being that died, one has to wonder the mentality of the police department."

The WFTV news account was on 3/22/12.  In this same news article the following was reported:

"Robin Magee drove from South Florida and said that as a mother of two, she understands her children could've been Martin.

"When did you make the decision that you wanted to be here?" Jones asked.

"When I heard the 911 call, I said whatever rally there's going to be, I'm going to be there," Magee said."

The following day Obama ran with Sharpton's comment and declared that ""If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon," Obama said during a press gathering in the Rose Garden, after he was asked about the incident that has sparked national debate."

If anyone recalls, the 9/11 tape was doctored and aired on NBC's Today show. 

Finally, on July 2 Sanford Police Chief tells us that he is coordinating with city, State and Federal law enforcement to prepare for racial unrest after the verdict.  Of course they all know what the verdict is going to be barring that un-reality thing and now they will have to deal with the fruits of their racial stirring labor.


  1. America's race problems have been set back about 50 years since the race-baiter-in-chief took office. He and his gaggle of clowns seem to be doing it on purpose! I could go on and on and on, but I try not to do to much cussing on other people's blogs so I'll cut it short.

  2. Lets for one minute assume that George Zimmerman is found to be Not Guilty, then what? What can we expect? Wii the State of Florida go into a riot mode? Will the blacks tear sown and burn down their own neighborhoods as they have know to do in the past? Will they pull innocent whites out of their cars and trucks as the did in the Rodney King riots? And will the police offer the white community and sort of protection from the hoodlums when that comes to be?
    They are saying right now that there will be riots in the streets and that good old race baiting Black Leader Al Sharpton is already standing by. Fine, let them cause havoc in Liberal Black Neighborhoods, Then What? So they trash their own poor neighborhoods because an Hispanic Male defended himself against a Black Male who was going to kill him.
    Many of these people won't care about the facts, they don’t need any stinkin facts, they only need a reason to bust into a store and get some “Free Stuff” and to just go crazy. If he isn’t convicted.
    Bit if he IS convicted there won't be people rioting and not because some agree, but they just don't act like fucking idiots when things don't go the way they believe they should
    Let's see how the Liberal media explains that dilemma should it happen. Will they blame it on the conservatives/Tea Party? You can bet your ass they will.

    The sad part is that they are too stupid to realize that this isn't Rodney King all over again. But they will be chomping at the bit to riot anyway in any case. After all, Free Stuff is Free Stuff.
    And their Black Uncle tom in the white house won't be coming to their aid in any case..
    The prosecution doesn’t have a case. None at all.
    The Blacks are only hopping for a miracle and leftist are idiots. Dumber then dog shit.
    I'm just going to sit back, laugh, and puke. Unarmed Boy with Skittles and Iced Tea MY ASS! And don’t give me that crap about “If he didn’t follow him then this wouldn’t have happened. The Bottom Line, is that Zimmerman is NOT on trial for “Following him”
    But trying to beat the hell out of someone armed with a gun will get you killed

  3. I wasn't there.
    I'm not the jury.
    But from what I've seen, a jury should never have been called.