Friday, July 12, 2013

Is Lady Justice blind?

There is a reason that depictions of "Lady Justice" have her sporting a blindfold, it is to show that she is above external forces outside the realm of fact.  She sees no color for she is color blind.  She sees only black and white (no pun intended).  So why then is the Zimmerman case being tried by the MSM, race advocates, celebrities, Politicians and even the US Justice Department as a racial crime?  The press, before any real facts emerged from police sources painted Zimmerman as White.  We now know that his ethnicity is Hispanic yet the very same press sources have created a whole new race category just for him, "White Hispanic".  Why?  I will go out on a limb here and speculate that it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the politics of gun control.  There has been a lot of talk that Zimmerman shot and killed an innocent unarmed man (er, boy) who was just walking home with his ice tea and skittles.  The trial, as put forth by the State, tell a different story when facts enter the scene.  Zimmerman had the legal right to carry that weapon that night.  He had done everything he must in order for him to obtain his concealed carry permit from law enforcement.  He had to submit to a criminal background check, take gun safety courses, etc., yet the caricature painted of him is HE is the criminal without the presumption of innocence.  I will go even further to say that the Government is engaging in "thought crimes" prosecution for even bringing this case to trial.  I find it reprehensible that Zimmerman is again fighting for his very life and the only thing he is armed with is a legal team of competent jurists.  I have written before that this sham prosecution has all the earmarks of another legal railroad job (Duke Lacrosse) that found that prosecutor disbarred.  The damage being done in the attempted manipulation of reality outside this courtroom which invariably spills into it has a chilling effect on the public that anyone, anywhere at anytime can see the Government use a blinded Lady Justice for their own nefarious purposes to silence or disarm its citizens when our constitution boldly lists freedom of speech and the right to bear arms as the first two amendments to that venerable document we live under.  After this trial is in the history books and all the facts laid bare for all to see we will see how Lady Justice performs.  The real question in my mind is what if Trevon Martin was also armed?

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