Sunday, July 14, 2013


Jury duty will never be the same.  The bravery that those Juror members will now be tested as they have stood up and declared what we, the sane and rational public, have known for some time now that George Zimmerman (Hispanic male of non-white descent) is not guilty of murder, manslaughter or child abuse.  Those who still harbor ill-will towards him and anyone of non-color or gender should be ashamed of themselves.  The race-baters, of course are calling on the Justice Department to file some Civil Rights suits against him and I fear that Zimmerman's legal issues are far from over as those who still wish to keep moving this issue farther down the field take a page from the OJ playbook.  For now though, our prayers go out to Mr. Zimmerman and the parents and loved ones of Travon Martin as well as those who did their civic duty without bias.  The verdict that was rendered was the only one that could have been issued as the State failed to prove anything but innocence.  The State did not fumble on presenting their case as their really wasn't a case to begin with.  In spite of the Justice that prevailed in the case of Zimmerman there have been set-backs in many areas as a result of this wayward prosecution.  Some of those areas are truth, race and the trust in our Government that they will be trusted with the power they wield over the individual who doesn't deserve a target on their back because it doesn't fit their model of behavior politically.  We can only hope that the ensuing discussions around the water cooler and in the media can be honest and frank because we have all seen how the last train left the station when this whole unfortunate business began. 


  1. I hope that this sets a precedent.
    Not a legal one, but a societal one.
    "Stop the nonsense."
    This could be the start of a swing back.

  2. Sorry Ed, I think this only makes it worse.
    My final thoughts on this one are only that GZ should not have pursued and TM should have never pounded GZ's head into the cement.
    No racial side to this at all but it won't matter.