Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Impending Political Earthquake

2016 Presidential Election
Clinton v. Bush

Who says you cannot predict when and where an earthquake will strike next.  OK, I am now going over to read my seismic monitor in order to read the "tea leaves."

That first squiggly line represents 87% of Americans who disapprove of the job Congress is doing (NBC/WSJ) while 57% would replace every member of Congress if they could.

"There is a palpable unhappiness with Washington," says pollster Peter D. Hart said of the results."

That second squiggly line represents 53% of "Americans who think that the Federal government represent a threat to personal freedoms. (Pew 2013)."

I could go on and on with statistics and polls but each and every one will show that the American Public is fed up with the Washington insider establishment.  This brings me to the very real possibility that the 2016 Presidential election will again see a Clinton/Bush contest.  The establishment Democrats have been positioning Hillary since the 2008 loss.  On the other side (and I say this loosely because there is virtually no difference between an R and D anymore) the political kingmakers have been prodding Jeb Bush to run and the tea leaves indicate he will.  Make no mistake both supposed primaries in both camps will have the establishment clear the fields against any and all who choose to run against them.

So, what if?

Will the American public stand for another Clinton or Bush dynasty?  While Benghazi burned Hillary was AWOL and during this time Jeb Bush was pushing for bigger government and more illegals becoming legal.  I say that an earthquake will shake both parties into oblivion as the resulting implosion will see a "third party" rise to take the mantle. 


  1. No Bush.
    No Hildebeast.No third party .
    That's how we got Bill Clinton.

  2. If they(repubs) run anyone they have a 0% chance. If they run Job Bush, they have a negative googleplex chance of winning.

    Elsewise Rosey, no difference between R and D... That's right with the smallish exception that I'd prefer to go 4 years without hearing the rude, evil POS hildebeast cackling and squealing from with the freakin white house.