Friday, August 2, 2013

A Democrat 9/11

On September 10th in the State of Colorado an election (or more aptly put a de-election) is taking place where a pair of Democrat Senators are facing a "recall".  This is not a Republican tit-for-tat for the Democrats efforts to recall Governor Walker of Wisconsin because they did not like the outcome of his first election and threat to Government Employee Unions.  No this recall is all about the liberals overreach of gun grabbing legislation in the wild west.

They Democrat machine has invested heavily to kill the attempt, by two "joe the plumber" types collecting the required amount of signatures to qualify under Colorado State law to put it on the ballot.  It is notable that in 140 years of Colorado's existence this (recall election) has never occurred before and now, today, there are two at risk of being recalled.  Both are Democrats and each hail from a Blue state controlled by their party.

According to the "American Spectator" article --"The desperate pro-Morse group also repeatedly tried and failed to disprove the legal validity of the recall petitions, leading Denver District Court Judge Robert Hyatt (not known as a friend of Republicans) to note that “the proponents for the recalls unquestionably made a good faith effort” to ensure the petitions were properly executed."

So, it will be interesting to see if this page taken from the liberals in Wisconsin (but for other reasons that are valid) will succeed in its efforts.  This fight at the OK corral in Colorado pits two State Democrats who want to disarm their constituents against a well armed citizenry.

Stay tuned.


  1. If they disarm America, we're headed for the dark ages.

  2. Kid: They won't. They tried. They haven't. It's their Waterloo, eh?

    1. Ed, I'll agree it won't happen in our lifetime, but this inch a day thing stays in the back of my mind. Today's kids are being taught to be afraid of and despise guns.

      The one caveat for something happening sooner is the potential for a lib supreme court. Right now, I'm assuming 6 more years of dems in power at least.