Thursday, August 8, 2013

You can put a blue dress on it, but it's still

a pig!

There are some notable Democrats, you know, those champions of women who indicate the Republicans are engage in a war with!  Thing is, these notables have been engaging in behavior that is derogatory and abusive to......wait for it.......women.

Let's see now.  Oh yeah, Rev. Jesse Jackson.  Never mind he is an ordained minister and should be above such things as extramarital affair and fathered a child as a result.  I guess he was just being African American as 73% of all children born to African Americans are born out of wedlock.  Kudos to the National Enquirer for scooping the main stream media on that one.

Next, let's see now.  Oh yeah, Bill Clinton.  Never mind he was a sitting President that lied, under oath, to having sex with that intern in the blue dress.  Hey, Hillary stood by her man during the whole affair and was rewarded with a Senate seat.  Next up....The White House.

Next, let's see now.  Oh yeah, Anthony Weiner.  The jokes are tired and well used.  Here is a Congressman that cannot help himself when it comes to taking pictures of his nether regions and tweets them to women he does not know.  He assured us all that that was in the past and like Hillary, Huma stood by her man and still does to this day even though we find out he is still tweeting his weiner around cyberspace.  Next up, New York Mayoral office.

Next, let's see now.  Oh yeah, Bob Filner.  Here we have a Democrat Mayor that is actually assaulting everything that even remotely resembles a women.  He, so far, has a tally of seven women who have come forward with their complaints.  One of which is a US Navy Rear Admiral (no pun intended).  But wait, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has come forward and asks him to resign. 

Next, let's see now.  Oh yeah, Elliot Spitzer.  I guess his black book of hookers have been depleted and needs a couple of fresh faces that public office can pay for.  Next up, New York Controller (again, no pun intended).

So, this war on women has a bunch of new Democrat generals.

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