Monday, August 19, 2013

The true meaning of "Scourge"

American Heritage Dictionary:  "A source of great suffering, or harm"; "A means of inflicting severe suffering, or punishment"; "To devastate, ravage"

When you think back historically to individuals or regimes and apply the term "scourge" to you first come to Hitler, Nazi's, Pol Pot and communism in general.  I am sure you can give even more examples that I have not listed because there are many.  In all of those instances the "scourge" was purged.  They were purged because the inherent nature of their evil and vile ways dictated it. 

I also believe that this term directly applies to all of the social, economic and international policies of the Obama Administration specifically and to socialist Democrats generically.  For instance, when you look at the social policies that the Democrats have historically aligned themselves with fit the bill.  Abortion.  Anti-Americanism.  I list anti-Americanism and paint it with a broad brush to include the hatred for Capitalism, military might and the basic fundamentals of the US Constitution with the Bill of Rights.  Dennis Prager said it best when describing the term "America, the worlds last hope" analogy.  He rightly asserts that the term "the worlds last hope" is never used in describing Norway, Iran, Britain or any other country on this planet.  It is solely used for the freedom that America espouses for the individual.  He sums up his point by reminding his listeners that Auschwitz was not liberated by "peace activists". 

The quiet buildup of National policing agencies like the "Department of Homeland Security" and the heavy handed use of power with the IRS are early indicators of the unbridled scourge that this Administration is putting into place.  The "hollowing" out of the military at the same time is chilling.  This country was founded on individuals who were first labeled traitors but eventually were heralded as patriots for their sacrifices in founding a truly free nation.  Though hundreds of years have passed since those sacrifices there are scores ready to lay their lives down to maintain or fight to regain these ideals.  Peaceniks not a one.  It is said that there are many circumstances present today as there were in the times preceding the American revolution.  It is also said that there is a growing discontent with the direction that our elected leaders are pushing us towards, against our collective will.  The international events that have emboldened those we used to call enemies to freedom are growing.  The Administration is mired in one failure of policy after another and a purge is a coming.  The question is will it occur with rifles with flowers sticking out of their barrel or at the end of a fully loaded musket? 

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