Saturday, August 3, 2013

Even terrorist turn to Fox News

Major Hasan has sent his explanation for his terror actions to Fox News.  Boy, that must really steam the left.  Why not Msmbc or CNN where he would have received a hero's welcome and slanted coverage justifying his actions.

Nope, even terrorists prefer Fox news.  In an article written and posted today over at Powerline blog the author attempts to look at the bigger picture as it pertains to Hasan's military role.  He states
"Whatever you think of Hasan, a couple of points are indisputable: 1) The fact that this fanatic was employed by the U.S. Army to provide psychological counseling to servicemen indicates a severe dysfunction within our armed forces. 2) The Obama administration’s refusal to consider Hasan’s act of mass murder when boasting of its successful defense against radical Islamic attacks is a bad joke."

This man, Islamic Muslim man, attempts to explain to us infidels what is wrong with our society in America and how it is incompatible to devout Muslims who follow the Q'ran.  This is the other part of the big picture that the Powerline piece fails to show.  The literal interpretation of his holy book at the teachings of his prophet makes it impossible to reason with or coexist with the extreme form of this religious bastardization. 

The American judicial system will be the place for those who were directly affected by this traitors actions.  Once he is found guilty and hopefully sentenced to die for his crimes then the families can bring wrongful death suit claims against him.  After all he is still being paid for his service for which he has boldly rejected his oath to the military and to the US Constitution.  In his world, he would have just lost a hand or his daughter would have been stoned to death.  Oh wait, that wouldn't have applied to him.  He would have been given a hero's welcome and the promise of 72 virgins awaiting.

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  1. Personally, I think this is a BS story, the attack part anwyay. I believe this is obama 'showing' he can be proactive with attacks at embassies.