Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Death of Investigative Journalism

It has been a long time since "Woodward and Berstein" type reporting.  The Main Street Media has engaged in a long slide into irrelevance.  No longer Can they be trusted to report the news in the manner that keeps us safe from many of the trespasses against us.  They only are concerned with creating a narrative that fits their ideological viewpoint and in more cases than not do not resemble anything near factual.  We pick up and read their diatribe as average citizens only to be left with the distinct impression that our world has turned upside down.  What is up appears to be down.  What we know to be right is said to be wrong.  We live in a world that is so foreign on the printed page that it does not reconcile with our own perceptions.

I was reading an article that hit the wires at American Thinker and for once in a very long time it struck me that the gist of what I just said above came into clear focus.  Before I link the article I want my readers to try to recall all of the pre-trial coverage, trial coverage and the post trial coverage of the Travon Martin shooting.  Now, read the linked article and compare this piece of investigative journalism to what we have been fed by the Topsy turvey MSM.

Update 9/1 - 2nd part of 3 part series to the linked article from American Thinker.
Update 9/2 - 3rd part of 3 part series to the linked article from American Thinker.


  1. Today's national media gets it marching orders from the democratic party. Period.

  2. But would Woodward and Bernstein have pursued a democrap president?

  3. I often refer to the media as "the enemedia."

    Today's media are so agenda driven that one can hardly believe word from them!