Monday, August 26, 2013

Educate yourself

Most of my readers are pro-American constitutionalist.  We know that there are forces that are active against our interests and wish to disarm us.  The statists believe that only police should be armed and it is they that are the protectors of the innocent and law abiding.  Next time you openly carry, or you are engaging a statist arguing that you should submit your personal weapons to cede your safety to them then remember the following court cases.

The cases I reference, found in a Breitbart article, illustrate that litigated case law is already established to hold the State harmless in protecting you personally from others.  They are liable only to ensure they protect you against themselves (i.e., arrest without due process etc).  In DeShaney v. Winnebago County and in Moore v. Madigan are illustrative of the fact WE the people are the only ones who can protect ourselves since the law vindicates the States of that responsibility.

I suggest that you read the link to the article above as it is very informative and will help to clarify the legal argument ground in which you stand against those who wish to take that ground out from under you.

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