Friday, September 6, 2013

Wild, Wild West

In four days I believe there will be reckoning in the great State of Colorado.  Many have written about the impending and historic recall election of two Democrats.  Accusations have flown about the press of proxies, special interest groups and outright electioneering have been leveled in an attempt to thwart this effort.  Much to the dismay of Democrats this recall efforts will proceed.  The Democrats are nervous and rightly so.  The usual straw man (NRA) is pilloried.  As the day approaches (Tuesday) I remembered the last time I visited the State while on business.  I arrived at the airport in Denver, rented a car and hit the highway for a business dinner.  It was snowing and my rental car did not have a GPS which left me to my own devices to find the area just North of Denver.  Somehow I got off the beaten path and found myself driving up a secluded mountainous area that did not provide me enough room to turn the vehicle around so onward I went waiting for a "turnaround" area.  Finally, the road was coming to an end and there I sat in the warmth of my car, headlights shining on a grave site that bore the historic name "Buffalo Bill Cody".  I laughed out load in spite of the fact I was the sole occupant of the car.  I have told this story to many people over the last 10 years as it was one of life's moments that actually make an impact.  This accidental find was surreal. 

With all of the news about Colorado I began to think about that fateful evening of discovery and found myself thinking about the history of the State of Colorado during the "Wild, Wild, West" time period and how Coloradans are especially proud of this aspect.  The State has always been pro second amendment until a redistricting of political boundaries saw the Democrats take control of the Colorado Governorship, Senate and their State House of Representatives.  Sound familiar?

There are many parallels of examples when Democrats, who are no friend of Coloradans nor of those who are pro second amendment advocates.  The Democrats were not even friends to the late great Buffalo Bill Cody.  I gave the first of what happens when the Democrats gain total control as they did in 2008 at the national level. 

When I literally stumbled across this great Western pioneers resting place it peaked my interest and did some research to refresh my historical memory of him.  I was surprised to find out that he was a "Congressional Medal of Honor" recipient.  In 1917, the Democrats had control of the White House (Wilson) as well as the US Senate and the House of Representatives.  The way that they had control of the House in spite of the fact that Republicans had a majority was due to the ideological alignment with the 6 "progressives" and the lone "socialist" member.  The country was split ideologically as it is today and the 7 members gave them a voting block majority.  It was this 65th Congress that stripped Buffalo Bill Cody of his "Medal of Honor".  1917 was also the year he died to add insult to injury.

Some of the other interesting tidbits I found on Cody was that the "Buffalo Bills" were named after him even though he had no ties to that State. 

Everything about the life of this man involves guns.  His "wild west shows" toured the US as well as the world.  So, I believe that he is probably rolling over in his grave, again, at the actions of Democrats.

What these Democrats did in their quest to follow Bloomberg's lead to strip those wild west gun loving Coloradans of their 2nd Amendment rights went too far for the likes of Coloradans of every political stripe, color and gender.  When, in the run up to pushing through this unpopular legislation no unlike Obamacare they insulted women in the process.  When a woman got up to speak about the fear of being raped and the benefits of being armed, the Democrats sullied their gender by saying that all they need to do is urinate or vomit on themselves in the commission of a rape instead of armed with a handgun.  Nice. 

So while we wait for Colorado to hold their elected leaders accountable for their actions I want to part ways here with another famous "wild west" character that appeared in many of the Buffalo Bill Wild West show that toured the globe -- Annie Oakley!  Somehow I don't think she had to resort to vomiting or urinating on herself for protection.  I remember her best by "Annie get your Gun"!

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  1. Well said. I'm looking forward to their ignominous defeat.