Sunday, September 15, 2013

Did the RNC & GOP take notes?

As many of my readers know from the various posts of mine regarding the historic recall elections in the Great State of Colorado, we won.....

After many months of standing on the sidelines observing the effort and fighting amongst themselves, the Colorado Republic National Committee quickly boasted "we won"!  The National GOP is in for a rude awakening also.  The GOP, led by John Boehner, have great disdain for the true conservatives that have taken many seats in the House.  After the landslide victories brought forth by Tea Party aligned conservatives the ruling "old timers" in the GOP did the same thing, they took credit for the work, but did not lift a finger.  To make matters worse, the GOP seems to dislike the Tea Party Conservatives as much as Harry Reid and the Democrats do.  Congress is at war with conservatives sent to Washington to the peoples business and that includes stopping amnesty, Obamacare and the out of control spending orgies that both parties as guilty of.

Grass roots are springing up everywhere in the US just as it did in Colorado and threw out the two bums that thought they could act irresponsibly and without accountability.  Well they know better now, don't they.  Question is, does the GOP at the national level?

If the GOP and RNC national elites would just go back to their conservative roots and fight the Socialist as we did in Colorado then they would have a big favorability with the constituents.  I am afraid that there will be many bums thrown out in the next election cycle on both sides of the isle.  This is how democracy works, it is on display for the world to see and hopefully fear because the masses seem to be the last thing American politicians of late, fear.....

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