Friday, September 27, 2013

King of Disgust, part II

Yesterday, I posted "the King of Disgust" when Rep. Peter King told reporters --

 "He thinks and states openly that those who follow Cruz are, er, following a false leader.  While King says the majority of Cruz followers are good people, they are a "dark strain in the American political psyche" who support the Constitution."

Yesterday, I only lumped him in with other RINO's that do not agree with Cruz.  Today, I think the real reason was to attempt to diminish Cruz's star power.  The reason that King went to these extraordinary measures to trash Cruz and those who agree with him is because King wants to be "King".  Translated -- President.  In fact, he is the first GOP member to do so.  On September 8th.  If true, the level of disgust for King, with me, is beyond the pale.  It means that King, for personal political reasons trashed Cruz's stance against Obamacare and his tea party roots.  There are no words to describe such a vile and contemptible individual. 


  1. I would rather be a "Dark strain in the American political psyche" than a dark STAIN in a holey fruit of the Loons, like the crazy RINOS.

  2. The ENTIRE republican party is dead to me as of the last election for sure.
    They're as diseased as the dems.
    Anyone that wants to be an American politician had better break away into a 3rd party as difficult as that may be - it would never be as difficult as the declaration signers.

    1. Who knows, maybe the 2016 Presidential elections will see the rise of the 3rd party. Ross Perot blazed that trail and almost succeeded.