Monday, September 16, 2013

The elites are nervous!

There is a way to read between the lines when true conservatives look for those bell weather moments that the regular MSM reports the news in the slanted kind of way.  In a way you have to really train yourself to find nuggets of truth in a field of lies.  Take for instance the interview that Obama allowed this past weekend to one of his compliant media allies, George Stephanopoulis at This week with George Stephanopoulos.  Obama blatantly lies when he tells George 80-90% of Americans agree Gun Control.  Tell that to the Democrat controlled Senate.  I realize that Democrats do not share, nor care about their constituents but when the country, as Obama indicates, wants gun control and the Senate has the chance to push through anything they want then why would they go against their constituents on gun control?  The answer == reality, truth!  Maybe that huge bloc of anti-gun Americans didn't get the message in Colorado. 

The House of Representatives has a battle waging presently.  It isn't Republicans vs. Democrats -- It's Conservatives vs. Republicans.  More aptly, and between the lines, it should be Conservatives vs. Democrat Republicans.  There has been much ado made about this internal battle being waged to wrest control away from liberal Republicans and give it back to the true Conservatives and tea party types.  When Harry Reid indicated to his MSM buddies that he feels sorry for John Boehner you know liberal Republicans are on the ropes and by extension so are liberal Democrats. 

What I am talking about is those pesky astro-turf, dangerous (according to Homeland Security) terrorist who want to drag us back to Jim Crow, Tea Party people.  You remember them.  The ones that clean up after their massive rallies that go unreported by the MSM.  The same ones that the Democrats say are wholly made up by the Koch Brothers, bought and paid for.  You know, Grandma and Grandpa extremists.

Well the cat is out of the bag and the Liberals are howling at the moon because they don't seem to have the answer to stopping their momentum (that purportedly doesn't exist).  You see the seething anger every time that Brit speaks on Piers Morgan (CNN) about Gun Control.  Many a conservative guest on his show has made him out to be the fool he is during interviews.  Yet he keeps on a coming.  Then you have the NY Times and their token Conservative David Brooks.  Every now and then liberals lose their composure and their talking points get jumbled up because it is so difficult to keep track of the lies and deceptions.  I will embed that "panel" discussion below.  Here you do not need to read between any lines because he aptly explains what a Congressman should be doing.  This is what Congressmen always do.  Except those non-existent Tea Party terrorists.  Must watch it:  The link on youtube doesn't allow me to link directly.  So go to this link and click on the "video" link in the first sentence of the article.

The American Thinker article points out:

"David Brooks (the Gray Lady's idea of a housebroken conservative) laments, to PBS's Judy Woodruff that Republican legislators like Ted Cruz aren't "normal members. . . going to Congress to create coalitions, make alliances and . . . pass a lot of legislation" while interesting themselves in "the perks . . . the leadership has to offer." Indeed, Brooks asserts, "They're not [real] legislators" at all -- just obstructionists "who want to stop things."

All of which conversely implies Brooks believes real legislators are ones who go to Congress only because they can pass lots of legislation, create coalitions, make alliances, interest themselves in the perks the leadership has to offer, avoid obstructionism, and fail to stop anything."

"The Tea Party types," says Brooks, are "running against the Republican establishment[,] . . . having a very obstructive role, and making John Boehner's life even more difficult." Indeed, Brooks moans, they have no real policy goals at all and "Their [only] object is to take over the Republican Party."
The bottom line is this.  There is a ware being waged for the heart and soul of the Conservative party that used to be the GOP/RNC.  It is waged so a "Third Party" doesn't have to be created.  It is being waged because the GOP/Republicans used to stand for the principles that the Tea Party and quite frankly most Americans want in that party.  Here's hoping "Cruz ism" succeeds. 

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