Sunday, September 29, 2013

Succinct Quote

Matt Barber just penned a piece at World Net Daily (one of my favorite sources for Conservative truth) where he opened with the following observation:

"With his inspirational and unprecedented show of leadership on the floor of the U.S. Senate this past week, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, made hundreds of enemies in Washington.
But more importantly, he made millions of friends across America."

Today on CBS Face the Nation - Bob Schieffer continues to put forth the false narrative that Obamacare is truly wanted by the majority of Americans.  Lie.....

His panel of guests were Rep. Blackburn and Van Hollen.  Rep. Blackburn toed the Democrat party lie that to "delay Obamacare is to deny millions of Americans affordable care on October 1".

With the unrelenting and withering criticism that Cruz has endured from all quarters except the American public about being an "obstructionist and a hijacker" it is curious that they continue to deny what reality really is.  That reality is Cruz, acting on behest of the majority of Americans, is successful because he has the popular support of the public.  Think about that power.  The power of the majority of Americans are screaming at the MSM, GOP, Democrats and Obama through polls, calls and demonstrations to end this thing called Obamacare.

When Rep. Blackburn went on Face the Nation and said delaying Obamacare is to deny millions of Americans affordable heath care everyone listening knows it is a lie.  There is zero credibility for this Administration as well as the Democrats and those in the MSM and GOP to continue that farce when time and time again the reality of the cost of healthcare is quadrupling or more.  We were told not to worry, we can keep our existing healthcare.  Proven to be another lie.  We were told we can keep our doctor.  Proven to be a lie.  We were told the "Affordable Healthcare Law" would not increase the deficit or affect Medicare.  Proven to be a lie. 

The pathological lying is so transparent it is pitiful.  We know we are consistently lied to about Obamacare.  They know we know they are lying about Obamacare.  Yet they continue to lie thinking at some point they will get a different result.

The American public is reaching a tipping point when we believe that those who have been elected do not even care what we think or feel about their travesties and trespasses against us.  The most maddening thing about the whole affair is that the GOP has popular public support to repeal this law by defunding it yet they, like the MSM and Democrats are marching to an alternative reality of self destructiveness. 

Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and the other tea party backed freshmen legislators who have succeeded in keeping Obamacare from truly taking hold are doing so because those who deny their power do so with the full knowledge that they are wrong.  They want Obamacare to pass in order to solidify the absolute control over each of us as well as 1/6th of the American economy.  We will not be led to the slaughterhouse like sheep.  The minority of obstructionist is obviously just enough, for now, to keep the wolves at bay and hopefully the mid-terms come before implementation.  Then those who advocate for controlling the masses at all cost will be thrown out on their collectivist asses.

This Administration needs to be neutralized politically and legally until such time that the true damage can be assessed.  In order for this to occur the Eric Holders and apparchiks who have infiltrated all levels of government can be also thrown out with the garbage.  Then and only then will we know just how deep the legal anarchy they have created, goes.  It is time for another McCarthy era.  McCarthy, as history proved, was correct all along.  So are we when we know that laws, rights and money have been pilfered, stolen, misdirected, misappropriated in order to redistribute it.  Not to those who are on that ladder behind us, but to cronies and corruptacrats who need to go to jail.

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