Sunday, September 29, 2013

We deserve to default

So the Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate are worried that the Government is going to shut down and worse -- lose it's credit rating as a result.

I go a bit of news for them, it deserves to default and by extension deserves to lose its credit rating.

This Government has become so unruly and undisciplined that it can aptly described as "spending like a drunk sailor"; "living beyond it's means"; "writing checks on a closed account" or a hundred other analogies.  We Americans do not have the luxury of printing money but this Government does.  This Government actually grows money on trees.  While Ted Cruz sits up there on Capital Hill and fights for sanity of Conservative traditional values like repealing a massive Government spending law that can only do one thing, over time -- implode upon itself from the sheer size of its own weight.

How long has it been since the US Senate, when under Democrat control, failed to live up to the Constitutional mandated law to pass a budget?  The very act of this law breaking has caused this country to devolve into lawless anarchy.  In order to rectify our financial woes from out of control spending our feckless leaders have legislated this oxymoronic "Continuing Resolution" stopgap.  The name of the CR is in itself a contraction of terms because a resolution does not continue. 

The leaders who have been branded as obstructionist are actually doing us a favor by actually obstructing the larger body politik from continuing its madness.  When we, as little people, write bad checks it affects our credit rating.  When we write bad checks that are so large that it becomes criminal, we go to jail.  It's time for those who have perpetuated this grand oxymoronic scheme to enjoy "three hots and a cot" and the loss of the people check books, for good.

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