Sunday, September 15, 2013

Here come the Racist Mysogynists

I have just a few thoughts to jot down as I watched Hillary accept her Liberty Medal on September 10th.  I have never paid much attention to this award in the past.  This particular medal is awarded to "men and women of courage and conviction".  I find it laughable when the Nobel Peace prizes are awarded to those such as "Yassir Arafat; Jimmy Carter; Al Gore and, yes, Obama!  The politicizing of once esteemed awards have become so patently absurd that the thought that anyone can keep a straight face while either presenting or receiving these awards must be tough.  The same goes for Hillary and her medal awarded the day before the anniversary of her biggest failure, Benghazi.  Everywhere you look these days you find Democrats failing upward.  Her election to Senator followed by a failed run for President in 2008 would put to pasture most others.  No, were are not that lucky.  She is woman, hear her roar.  There was an article posted at American Thinker who thought it was time to revisit some of her failures, scandals and ineptitude's.  It is enlightening as can be.  I thought I knew Hillary's skeletons pretty well, but as with most Democrats I tend to just ignore them after a certain point out of self sanity.  The link to that article is here.

With her credentials nicely rounded out as Secretary of State she believes that she is now credible enough to claim international experience to become President.  I shudder to think.  So, in 2016 the Clinton machine will grease it's wheels and roar back into the nations conscience.  Get ready to be called mysogenic woman haters and racists. 

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