Monday, September 9, 2013

Morse's bioharzardous constituents

It appears that Mr. Morse has put on his bio suite (Denver Broncos's shirt) and is now going door to door looking for support from those very same toxic constituents he bragged about ignoring.  Not only did he brag that he ignores his constituents but he advised his Democrat brothers and Sisters in the Senate to do the same.  When he was first elected, he  “promised to focus on jobs and the economy,” it complains, “but instead pushes gun control, civil unions, sex education, illegal alien tuition, etc.”. 

He said the following in a recent interview -- “When Angela and I win,” he said, alluding to Sen. Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, whose seat is also up for election Sept. 10, “I hope these issue kind of groups realize that recalls are not worth it and not a good strategy. Recalls are for unethical behavior, and not disagreements.”

Morse, typical Democrat hypocrite, describes recalls as unethical behavior yet the most recent example of the unethical nature of recalls come from Democrats attempt to recall Scott Walker in Wisconsin.  There, is an example of unethical behavior.  Walker as you recall was doing what he promised his constituent he would, Democrats didn't like it so they tried to recall him because of it.  When they failed, they occupied the Capital building with the Occupy Wall street types.  If you analyze the Walker recall efforts it shows that the Democrats do not care what constituents want it is about what they want because after all, Walker was doing what he promised he would do during his campaign.  Morse on the other hand did not.  This is why he will be recalled regardless of his new found fondness of his constituents and his Bronco tee.

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