Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cruz Control

Can someone tell me why the Democrats are complaining that the minority radicals in the House of Representatives have hijacked it?  In the House yesterday it voted to agree to keep funding the US Government through the "continuing resolution" and stripped Obamacare funding from it.  The vote was almost along party lines with two democrats crossing the line to vote with the Republicans.  Two.  The two Democrats were Mike McIntyre, NC and Jim Matheson, UT.  In spite of the defections, it would not have made a difference in the passage.

So, now we have the MSM beating the dire straits drums and positioning the blame for shutdown on the Republican shoulders.  I find it maddening that the reason we are in the position of funding is entirely on the Senate Democrat shoulders.  They have failed, by breaking Federal law, to pass a budget according to our Constitution.  But, hey, we know how they feel about that tired old document anyway. 

I also find it maddening that some GOP politicos are fretting, sweating and regretting having to vote Obamacare down in the first place.  Why?  They seem to think it is unpopular to do so?  The plurality of the electorate in the US has, from the first day the law was rammed down our throats, never wanted it.  To this day those in opposition to its implementation have only grown in spite of the massive propaganda the MSM has utilized to sway us to like it.  The President has used his office and his resources to travel around the country to try to sell this snake oil since it passed and our minds still haven't changed about it.  The majority want it dead.

So, how is it that the GOP thinks that they are taking a risk when all they are doing is what the majority of us want anyway?  The old guard want it, that's why.  Most Americans have been on pins and needles believing that the GOP would cave and funding for this unpopular law would finally be implemented.  If not for the brave 24 conservatives standing in the way.  Those 24 tea party types knew what their constituents wanted and remained true to their election pledges to throw that garbage legislation, er, in the garbage.  Those 24 knew that the majority of Americans who were not responsible for their election victories also want what they promised.  This is how the 24 stood and ultimately won against all odds.  Against their own party (or RINO).  If the Democrats think that setting up this CR showdown is going to get the House back in 2014 they are delusional.  If they think we the people are so stupid that we don't recognize who is the danger they will once again be shocked, as they were in 2010 and in the Colorado recalls.

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