Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Peace Prize cheapened again!

Al Gore............need I say more.  His "Inconvenient Truth" isn't his film documentary but the science behind it.  I use the term science with regret.

In December 2008 the BBC reported a "startling" science report in which Al Gore incorporated into his film and ultimately received the prize.  This report as reported in 2008 indicated that the polar ice would completely disappear by the summer of 2013.  The oceans were going to rise and population centers would mass migrate causing catastrophe of global proportions.  It's no wonder that Obama boldly stated he would stem the rise of the Oceans if he would only be elected.  A few months later, in May 2009, the same scientist (again I use this word loosely) gave another interview to Beyond Zero Emissions and stated that the computer models in his first report were probably "conservative" in nature, meaning, it could happen sooner. 

Flash forward to today.  In London, the news agency "UK Mail online" has a piece written that informs us that the Artic Ice mass has actually increased 60% from previous levels a year ago.  That is one hell of a "hockey stick" curve or swing if you will.  I guess for now, the polar bears can jump from their little floating ice flow that was literally melting underneath them to a larger play ground of 1 million square miles.  The question is:  Egg on the face scientists need a new story line, what will it be?  The UN climate people have delayed their current report, no less because it is, ah, flawed and will instead have a "pre-conference" meeting to discuss the latest findings. 

Obama on the other hand can take credit for stemming the rise of the sea.  hooray.....


  1. Now that's just not nice making fun of the guy that invented the internet. Besides, they don't call it "global warming" anymore. Now it's "climate change" and they are always right because our climate does change--everyday in fact. It was under 60 all day here in northern New Hampshire yesterday. Today it is already over 75 and on it's way to 90! Damn, that Al Gore is one smart B###ard!!

    What's the odds you might put me on your blog roll in place of somebody that last posted 5 years ago? You're already on mine.

  2. That must be sarcasm, I almost didn't recognize it as we don't get much of it around here. Ha......

    I added your blog roll