Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gunman used Biden suggested weapon

The gun grabbers have their panties in a wad and true to form started their whining immediately.  We of course heard from Dianne Feinstein immediately.  This tragedy, as the details are unfolding, do not seem to fit the narrative, again.

Aaron Alexis is shown on security arriving on base.  He had only a shotgun when he started.  According to the FBI the shotgun was purchased legally and then illegally transported into DC.  I think this is as good a place to start as any.  First, we now know that this punk had mental health issues.  His family has said that there were warning signs.  You think?  The two run ins with the law previous to the mass shooting had this guy shooting out the tires of an unarmed vehicle.  The police report for this incident was found to be anger at some construction workers near his home.  The family did say he had anger management issues.  Next, he was questioned for discharging his pistol into his ceiling of his apartment that travelled through the apartment upstairs and out its ceiling just feet away from the neighbor.  We learn now that he and this particular neighbor had run ins because Alexis didn't like the noise she was making.  The police report said it was an accidental discharge, but looking in hindsight today I tend to think that he had another of those anger management issues.  The big question is how this guy, with two firearm related incidents prior to purchasing this shotgun legally, was able to pass the FBI background check.

We had learned early on from press coverage that Alexis was armed with an AR-15 rifle, handguns and his shotgun.  We now know that he obtained his weapons (other than the one he brought onto the base) from an unlocked, open firearms safe in the building.  We also learned that the report that he had an AR-15 was incorrect.  No AR-15.  So, we have a deranged individual bringing a Biden suggested weapon onto a military base and proceeded with some "workplace violence".

The gun grabbers did not get an ideal profile from this shooter as he is black, Hindu and started his rampage with the easiest to obtain weapon on the open market.  He wasn't White, Christian and armed to the teeth with automatic weapons.  He was operating in one of the most gun restricted zones in this country, Washington DC.  The base he hit was also a "gun free zone" which makes this a rampage in a "gun free zone, within a gun free zone".  Instead of debating how the mental health system failed us we will get Piers Morgan, Dianne Feinstein, Gabby Giffords and probably Al Sharpton and company because he is black. 

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  1. I wondered too how Alexis managed to get/keep his secret security clearance rating and pass the background checks required of all contractors given access to a restricted area and restricted info. *sigh* The ongoing media conversations seem to make light of this if they note it at all.

    I didn't know that one of the guns he used was obtained in the building. How is it that private citizens face criminal charges when someone gets and uses unsecured firearms from a home yet this open access (in a supposed secure area) is ignored? Shameful and likely to go unremembered.