Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Barack Obama, who?

So, the President of the United States pay taxes every year right?  In order to become eligible for President he had to submit his birth certificate, right?  In spite of all the above board information that he has provided to us the rabble it should be no problem to find him and verify him from multiple sources, right?  Wrong!

In a publicity stunt to show how easy it is to sign up for his signature legislation, his legacy, the website could not verify Barack Hussein Obama.  This forced his handlers to come back to the media and explain that because he is, you know, ah, the commander in chief his personal information is restricted from government databases?  Wait a minute, didn't he post his birth certificate on the White House website so it can't be his birth certificate.  If he files taxes every year, his social security number must be on that database, right?

If a website touted as easy peasy to enroll into an affordable healthcare plan for every American then it should be able to enroll the most famous American today, right?

If not, then maybe there is a problem with his records that need to be looked into.  Wait, does this qualify me as a "birther" for just saying that?  Ok, I'm a birther. 

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