Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Duck Call heard around the world

I would like to open this thread by making a declaration that constitutes my coming "out of the closet" -- "I am a married, heterosexual that has a personal relationship with God!"  I am not the first to make this declaration.  I follow the lead from Conservative Curmudgeon.

My faith took a long time to arrive as a good deal of my life was more based on scientific belief.  I simply didn't believe if I could not "see it, taste it or touch" so to speak.  I relied on proven, peer reviewed statistical data to form my opinions.  So when it came to the subject of God I was essentially an agnostic.  I did have some open mindedness that it was possible that God did exist, but that was small as I did not see much in the way of scientific evidence.

It wasn't until I read the "Bible Code" and the scientific proof, peer reviewed by esteemed Mathematicians around the globe, provided me the proof I needed.  God does work in mysterious ways.  In my case it was because of Eliyahu Ripps, Professor of Mathematics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Now that I have made my declaration of faith it is now time to comment on the assault on it by those on the left.  In some cases, the assault I speak of even constituted violent ones.  The man that shot and killed a security guard at the "Family Research Council" premises comes to mind.  The gunman was a "gay rights activist".  Floyd Corkins, 28, punctuated his violent message by arming himself with posters and sandwiches from Chic fil a.  As you recall, that fast food chain came under assault when their CEO advocated his belief in traditional marriage and was a financial supporter of the Family Research Council.

The gay community rose up and demanded a boycott of the restaurants but instead an outporing of support flooded in their doors

Before I found my faith I found myself arguing with my brother who was a devout Christian.  I pointed to TV evangelists as proof of exploiting believers into giving up their money all the while the preachers adorning themselves with Rolex's and Rolls Royces.  I argued they were anything but pious.

Though I did not understand the ramifications of my brother's counter argument at the time, I surely do now.  He told me that "yes" there are corrupt men and women that exploit religion for personal gain but in doing so are they not also spreading the word of God at the same time?

Jeannie DeAngelis at American Thinker put it like this -- "The more time the left spends vocally ruminating over what Phil Robertson said, the more the Word of God, which never comes back void, goes forth and impacts lost and hurting lives.  A&E and GLAAD may not realize it, but thanks to mutual religious intolerance, they've assisted Phil Robertson in getting out the message that he was originally denounced for expressing.  Let's not forget -- as with Balaam, if God has something to say, He will get a donkey to say it.  And at present the message being sent clearly condemns homosexuality, but with it also comes the hope of God's unconditional love and forgiveness, and the free gift of salvation."

I do not pretend to know how the whole Duck Dynasty controversy will play out but I do know that it is already galvanizing the Christian Community just as they did with Chic fil a.  At a time when the left is pushing religion out of schools, the public square and into basically the same closet the gays came out of they are advancing their lifestyles exponentially.  It is obvious they are a minority as poll after poll and law after law is passed to preserve traditional marriage.  Yet the incoherence and dementia like left hoists the Pope onto the cover of Time magazine as the person of the year.  The left is allowed to teach our children, in our schools, on how to masturbate and the proper way to put on a condom yet the laws of child pornography is on the books do not apply to even mandatory reporters (which teachers are legally bound).

There is a reckoning coming and the land of Gammorah should be trembling. 

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