Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Obamacare Strategy

From the Obama website.  The feminine male model in this ad is disturbing on too many levels.  He was probably given Ritalin at age 3. 

The best comment I read so far for this ad was "Wear cammies, drink scotch and talk about taking our country back"!


  1. Still better than a picture of the hildebeast.

    1. True, but thanks for the visual anyway. This kid (no pun intended) is representative of what the youth are all about. Still living with their parents. They aren't drinking hot cocoa, it something a little stiffer. This administration is doing the full court press to get these kids enrolled so they can start paying for those who are actually enrolling (older people who need the coverage). Big problem here though as the socialists have already gerrymandered that demographic to allow them to stay on their parents plans until 26. I guess the thinking goes like this -- Mom and dad lose their coverage (along with junior) and forces junior to pay for mom and dad by purchasing his own coverage. Junior won't want to get a job that propels him out of the basement Nintendo gaming room to work.

      Fat chance. Another unintended consequence of socialist experimentation.