Sunday, December 8, 2013

Obama's Box

Just as the fable Pandora opened the box, so too has Obama!  Just like the kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so too are the Democrats!

Obama and the Democrats own the box that was once called Obamacare though they are desperately trying to change the name, paint over the box and want us to pretend we do not see it for what it is.  This is typical behavior for them and in most cases in the past, has worked but this time too much evil has escaped for everyone to see and feel.

Enough of the analogies.

You know what I am saying.  In order to get this passed into law (which by the way they are ignoring most everything codified) the Democrats bamboozled the people of the State of Minnesota and gerrymandered the deciding vote in getting Al Franken elected.  Not one Republican has ever voted for it.  Pelosi lost her gavel as a result of the force feeding and her infamous words "you have to pass this law before you can read what's in it" will continue to haunt her and them.

The Democrats have poured millions into campaign-like propaganda ever since in order to try to sway the masses that we actually will want this crap.  All of that money and effort has not moved the public opinion on Obamacare.  Yet they continue to tout we will come to love it.  All of the lies about being able to keep your current insurance, your doctor and the affordability have further damaged their reputations.  HHS has announced it's winner in the video contest.  No lie, the winner named their video "Forget about the price tag"!  Now we find out that Obama and Sebelius have met once in all this time in spite of all the problems. 

Conservative estimates show that by December 23 (deadline for enrollment to ensure coverage Jan 1) 5 million will have their policies cancelled.  Only 6% of those will have them restored and that does not include anyone who has not had insurance in the first place.  That means the Democrats or Obama will not be able to find a rock large enough to hide behind. 

More aptly said, however, is the article at American Thinker about what will happen once the employer mandate kicks in.  It says -- "So far, the law applies to a relatively small number of people -- when it expands to cover employer mandates and more millions are thrown into the UFA pool, the disaster will snowball. As my friend DoT notes: "Once the employer mandate kicks in they'll be hunting Democrats with dogs in this country."

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