Saturday, July 28, 2012

Are Universities breeding violent subversives

The Colorado theatre shooter has been described as a brilliant young man who just completed his first year of his PHD program.  Though this violent incident of mass murder did not occur on a college campus, the role of his attendance is prominently on display and quite frankly may be intertwined into his motive for committing the act.

As information is disceminated about this "bright" young man we now have learned that a notebook of his was mailed to a campus phychiatrist where it sat, unopened, until recently discovered.  We also have learned that his defense lawyer has filed a motion to suppress the notebook from evidence as it is protected under "doctor-patient" priveledge and if successful, we may never know its content.

There is, with any high profile murder spree cases, the immediate call from those who seek to take our 2nd amendment rights away because this is what happens when someone has a gun in their possession.  This case was no different and those on the left wasted no time in demanding more gun control laws.

Ah, but this was not the case with a case that is slated to go to trial, after much delay, for a mass shooting case in Huntsville, Alabama.  Before I get to the specifics it is a case where three people were shot dead and three others wounded on the University of Alabama Huntsville campus in March 2009 less than 2 years after the Virgina Tech massacre.

A shooter lets loose on campus, with a gun, targeting faculty members and no outcry from the gun control lobby.  How so, you ask.

 I suspect the reasoning behind the media blackout of this particular crime has something to do with the fact that the suspect is, um, a college professor herself.  Amy Bishop goes on trial in less than a month and it will be curious to watch how the media handles the crime as it relates to gun control.  This case really no different because of the mental illness angle the defense is taking.  Yet, once Bishop was arrested and her background began to trickle out we find that she also shot and killed her own brother years earlier, fled that scene with the shotgun until blocks away was apprehended after attempting to steal a vehicle at gun point at a dealership.  We also learned that Bishop and her husband were suspects in a pipe bomb case years earlier. 

Then again, what about University of Alabama professor George Zinkhan who gunned down his ex-wife and and two other men outside a movie theater just off campus just a month after Bishop, another Professor killed three.  Once again, not a peep from the gun control folks.

 When you stop to consider the indoctrination of our youth in socialist theology at the hands of Professors such as Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Ward Churchill, Angela Davis and many other radical leftists one can only surmise that it has to have an impact on our youth.

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  1. Hmmm. I never heard about Amy Bishop.. Agree Activist university professors.

    The university should that hired Amy be sued back to the stone age.

    Some of these universities have billions of dollars piled up. Where's the focus on the greed at these organizations? Especially with tuition costs rising well beyond inflation percentages.

    As to the mass murderers, I'd say most fit the basic profile of insane people looking for attention for the most part. In that regard, it's not a bad thing the media doesn't focus on them to the point we know what brand of underwear they use.