Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Obama's early Immigration fraud - Part I

Everyone is well aware that this President is obsessed with allowing illegal immigrants to flow into this country unabated.  The Administration just announced the closure of 9 Border patrol stations in 4 border states amid outcry's of outragiousness.

A recent article was just posted on WND about the legitamacy of Barack Obama's paternity and circumstances surrounding his claim to Barack Obama Sr. (as his father) and S. Ann Dunham (as his mother). 

I have delved deeply into the "birther" aspect of the usurper president because of the secrecy and time/expense expended by the President and his backer to withhold his birth certificate as well as his college transcripts.

The void of information on Obama's past and the extreme nature of his reluctance to divuldge documents that could have clearly and definitevly closed the door on the conspiracy theories is my personal desire to fill in the blanks.

This article, replete with INS documents raised all sorts of questions in my mind that the author did not intend, but go to the heart of many questions that surround Obama in regards to immigration and even his obsession with all things racial.

The Obama college transcripts (admission forms, grades, letters of support etc) would go a long way to explain things.  Thing like -- did Obama enter college as a "foreign student" like his father?  I found it intriguing that in the months leading up to the 2008 Presidential election their was a "breach" at the State Department where as John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's passport files were illegally obtained by "temp workers/contractors" employed by a Company that John O. Brennan (Obama's Chief Counterterrorism advisor) was the President and CEO of.

Two of the contractors involved in the breach were "let go" before anyone from the Justice Department could interview them due to the crime.  Then, just weeks later, a witness who was cooperating with Federal investigators was murdered and to this day that crime remains unsolved.

Obama's passport would have answered alot of these questions as well.  What country is listed as his own?  Is it an American passport, Indonesian passport etc.  We do know that those who successfully breached and saw Obama's passport files worked for Obama's White House cabinet member in a very powerful position.  Was this the "quid pro quo" to keep his (John O. Brennan) silence?  Is the death of the only supportive witness connected to the crime?

I digress because it is only through the brave actions of Sherrif Joe Arpaio investigating Obama today on many fronts with his Posse'. 


What shaped Obama in his early years towards the black separatist movement, socialism, marxism and possibly......murder

How was Obama's mere birth a form of Immigration fraud?


  1. I absolutely don't believe he is a citizen.

  2. BTW- Who knows how credible, but there is a story the clintons were going to bring his lack of citizenship to light and Chelsey's life was threatened. Presumably by whoever it is that's really pulling obama's strings.