Monday, July 9, 2012

Obama policies v. law

One of my favorite commentators is Dr. Charles Krathammer and his recent article published at National Review Online is, as it always is, simplistic in his explanation of fact.  The article I point to is titled "The Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama" and it lays out the case that "this Administration is unable to distringuish its policy from law" giving the Arizona Immigration case recently decided by the US Supreme Court!

He best sums it up with the following paragraph:  "Consider this breathtaking cascade: An administration violates its constitutional duty to execute the law by deliberately refusing to enforce it. It then characterizes its non-enforcement as simply establishing priorities. It then tries to strike down a state law on immigration on the grounds that it contradicts federal law — by actually trying to enforce it!

Another example he cites of the Administrations policy here "The Department of Health and Human Services issues Obamacare regulations treading so heavily on the free-exercise rights of Catholic institutions that Obama’s own allies rebel. The new regulation concocted to tame the firestorm blithely orders private insurers to provide free contraceptives to employees of the objecting religious institutions. By what possible authority does a president order private companies to provide free services? To say nothing of the 1,200 Obamacare waivers granted with royal arbitrariness according to the (political) whims of an HHS secretary."

So, what do you make of it all?  There are limited powers under the US Constitution granted to the Federal Government and one is the protection of its citizens with a robust border security.  Whereas this Administration shuns the Constitutional where ever and how ever it please it is literally getting away with murder.  Fast and Furious proves that point with the deaths of over 300 Mexican nationals and 2 Federal Law enforcement officers blanketed protectively under "Executive Priveledge"!

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