Saturday, July 28, 2012

The collective road to individual liberty

The rise of the Tea Party and those candidates that were endorsed by them are the front lines of the battle for America's return to individual liberty.

Since Obama was elected, actually even before his accension, we have watched America become a "post Constitutional" society (as Mark Levin aptly coined it).  No longer do we trust Republicans or Democrats to have our best interest in mind as they have gone about their way in eroding our personal liberties through radical, un-American legislation, legal fiat or outright illegal activity.

For instance, when the Democrats forced Obamacare down our collective throats in such an underhanded way we began to really sit up and take notice.  Not only did we sit up, we got up and marched into the streets of America, all across America in a genuine and "collective voice" in order to regain our "individual" liberty that our Constitution grants us.  Don't misunderstand me, I HATE the word collective because of the socialist/marxist/communist conetations it evokes, but in this case "collective" is exactly the right word to describe what is transpiring here.

No longer can we rely on the United States Supreme Court to be our "backstop" or last line of defense to ensure the Constitution is applied as it was intended.  The long list of ursurpage of Constitutionality that have been handed down by this body of arbiters is easy enough to recall, even to the layman on the streets who do not posess a high school diploma.  The Roe v. Wade decision comes to mind as well as the Kelo decision.  In the first the court created out of whole cloth rights that do not exist within the US Constitution which is why we constently here about the need for the Constitution to be a "living and breathing" document instead of the rock solid verbage it was intended to be.  The Kelo decision was the most troubling as it now invalidates our right under the Constitution to "Personal Property"!  No more is an American home his ultimate castle.  The Government, through the court, can now just seize it from you and give it to another individual party. 

I have, for the last 6 years, have stood in front of my conservative friends and tried to convince them that all is not lost.  The repeated blows that America has endured through methodical steps away from individual liberty has taken its toll on those who love this country as Ronald Reagan did.  When I joined the US Navy in 1977 (Carter was my 1st Commander in Chief) and I passed the ASVAB tests and the myriad of physicals then stood in a room with 50 others and raised my right hand to take the Oath to uphold and Defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and Domestic, I did so with great pride and honor.  In fact, that pride and honor has never left me to this day as I feel just as strongly today about that Oath as the day I took it. 

This is the "spirit" that I tried to instill in my fellow conservative friends who were worried and scared that the inertia this country was travelling in was unstoppable.  What can any one person do, they asked?  Though I too was worried, I have always known that Americans could not and would not succumb to socialism without a fight.  I have always known that there are many who are willing to sacrifice their time and money to ensure it would not happen in the way they feared.  Then, we began to see it happen. 

Now we see that the inertia is swinging back in the right direction.  The Democrats and Republicans RINO's who follow the Democrats are the ones who are worried.  In fact, they are downright scared and they should be.  Their Utopian dream is crumbling.  When panick ensues then mistakes are made and the biggest mistake that Obama just made will be one that seals his fate (mark my words). 

When Obama said "If you have a business, you didn't build that" meme!

That slap across America's individual face will be his undoing.  Businesses are built from an idea.  The idea comes from an individual.  That one Socialistic statement should worry the Democrats as it resonated with us individuals who are now collectively banding together to destroy his vision of enslavement.

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  1. I like the optimism, and I think it's well founded.

    I will accept nothing less than a landslide defeat for obama.