Sunday, July 8, 2012

Liar, Liar

What do you personally think and do when someone you know has deceived you or worse, outright lied to you?  I think human history as well as human behavior answers that without any thought.  You --

1) Do not trust them anymore
2) Shun them from your life, or hold them at extreme arms length but in any case insulate yourself to their future ability to hurt you again

You know the axiom, fool me one shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

In a marraige where trust is lost due to lying it does irrepairable damage to the harmony that was lost between parties.

Now, with that in mind, and with as much objectivity you can muster ask your the following question:

Is Barack Obama a liar

The list of his most prominent lies are well documented.  The link above lists them, with links to validate them, so what do we do with that?

Can we trust him at all?  I say no, resoundingly!  What to do?

It is apparently clear what we need to do and that is send him packing all the way to the unemployment line to enable him to be his own consistent statistic.

We know and understand that politicians lie as a matter of course, and we elect them anyway so another question to ponder is -- is a campaign promise that is broken considered a lie?  A campaign promise that is so absurd that we understand that it can never be achieved as soon as it leaves the lips.  Has our country slipped to the level that lying is acceptable course of our everyday lives?

Are we going to allow ourselves to be fooled so many times that the lies are actually rewarded to our own detriment?

We know that he wasn't vetted prior to his acendancy and the only thing we were allowed to glimpse of him was the portrait that he himself painted through his books.  We now know that even that was a lie.  His dishonesty is dangerous, his dishonesty is contradictory to everything we know to hold true as humans so how will this play out in November?

He is not transparent, he is not open and he is not honest.

It is to the point that we, the American people do not need anymore vetting of him because we have enough now to say NO.

But, the real question is, can we?

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