Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hungry, Destitute and Dependent!

It is amazing, to this day, we know nothing about Obama except what he has allowed in order to maintain his composite.  Say what you will about his Birth Certificate, but truth is there is alot of forensic evidence put forth lately to seriously doubt even that part of his past.

The problem with all of the unknown documentation of a man who made it into the highest and most powerful office in the world is that he continues to hide his past.  I'm speaking of course of the record he cannot sanitize for consumption.

We had glimpses of his past associations that gave us an idea of who this unknown man who rose from obscurity to the top.  His ties to ACORN; Bill Ayers; Bernadine Dohrn; Rev. Jeremiah Wright, etc.  We heard about those associations and what they mean in regards to their radical, violent and socialist leanings.  He had the media to ignore those stories and instead puffed him up as the "One"!  The script was flawless as he stood up on the world stage and read from his teleprompter.  The country became mesmorized by this African American and gave us the chance to elected him and put away those accusations that we are still a nation of racist views.  He played upon the sympathies of us who were war weary and tired of the infighting and corruption of our elected leaders and his vision was deceptive as much as it was intoxicating.

Now, after 3 1/2 years, we know we were sold a bill of goods by a snake oil salesman.  We were looking at his left hand, which was holding the illusion of hope and change while his right was a clenched iron fist.  Americans, true Americans who love this country for its freedom, tolerance and kindness see the man behind the mask for what he is and we also see those who are trying to maintain this caricature at all costs.  The cost is hugh as we now know.

Every now and then along the way the "Wizard of Oz" had his curtain pulled aside and we saw the man for what he is.  For instance, the slip Obama gave when approached by "Joe the Plumber".  The Wizard was for wealth redistribution.  So is the tenants/platform of ACORN; Bill Ayers; Bernadine Dohrn as well as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  The character dots were connected.

Obama and his team of destroyers have spent an incredible amount of money on polling and focus groups to guide them perilously through their troubled waters and knew that Socialized medicine would not be accepted by the majority of Americans yet they forced it down our throats.  The backlash from us was to throw out those who perpetrated this destructive socialism upon us in 2010.

Let me be clear here, the GOP is also adrift in Oz.  The GOP leadership have their sleigh of hand rhetoric they are trying to deploy as a result of the Tea Party.  They know that we do not want Obamacare so they talk boldly of "Repeal and Replace".  Repeal and Replace to them is a good and ssfe soundbite but they just don't get it, we like the "Repeal" part of their soundbite, it is the "replace" part that we do not want.

Glen Beck just held an event in Texas where he filled a 65,000 seat stadium of Americans who are like us in the Tea Party.  The 65,000 strong paying audience listened to Beck's vision with anticipation and hope.  Ted Cruz was one of the inspirational speakers at the event and I will link his speech for you to hear:

We, the private sector lovers of individual freedom also spoke loudly when the battlefield lines arrived in the State of Wisconsin.  Public sector unions and unions in general are part and parcel of the socialism cancer within us.  We excised it from our American body and sent another message to those who want to stamp out what has made American exceptionalism, exceptional.

During the Republican Presidential Primaries Newt Gingrinch boldly stated that he wanted to be "the Paycheck President, not the Food Stamp President".  Gingrinch understands we do not want a handout, we want to work and in order to find the kind of jobs we were accustomed to are nowhere to be found in the land of Oz.

We know unemployment is higher than Oz is telling us.  We know that there are more Americans on food stamps than ever before and climbing.  We know that the poverty level in America is as high as it ever was.  In the land of Oz, the Wizard has us just where he wants us.

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  1. Snake oil salesman. Still the most profitable business to be in today. A 50 dollar value. The 2nd one is free. Just shipping and handling - how much can That be?